Britney Spears Haters Keep Her Going Strong

Contributed anonymously:

As a proud fan of Britney Spears, I am finally realizing why she is so popular, relevant and news-worthy. It’s not because of her fans (believe it or not), it’s because of those who hate and detest her. As fans, we can only do so much. We buy her records, request her songs, vote for her, see her in concert and support her when people try to knock her down. But for the haters – I think you guys do much more to help boost her sales and popularity than we do. You guys are the ones who can’t stop talking about her. Do you think fans have the power to make Britney Spears’ first and second marriages two of the most talked about topics of 2004?

Anyone who has a problem with is always the first to comment on her and bash her – this includes gossip magazines and other publications. Every negative word has always worked in her favor and this is why she’s such a huge star. Smart haters would realize this and stop talking about her, because they’re only keeping her relevant in the eyes of the world and keeping her name alive. Britney sells millions of albums because millions of people buy them, but she also gets a major boost in sales because of those who keep her relevant. For every magazine or person that slates her, that’s one more person with Britney Spears on the brain and another person remembering she has a new video, television special and CD in stores.

Don’t give us Britney Spears fans all the credit. After all, it’s not us who hate her so much that we have to make sure she stays in the spotlight. Haters take care of that just fine.

So, this is one big thank you going out to all the people who spend so much time and energy on hating Britney Spears. I’m sure Britney thanks you as well – you’ve helped make her $100 million richer and well over 60 million albums bigger.

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