Britney Spears – Haters Living In A Britney World

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I come to this site everyday, and everyday Britney Spears’ control over the pop world amazes me even more. Everyday Britney is the topic of discussion, and its always her topics that have the highest number of reads and responses.

Even more impressive is the fact that many of those responses are from Britney-haters…you know, those people who hate Britney and all she stands for. These people, who claim to not care about Britney, are the same ones who run to her topics and flood the message boards. A bit ironic, don’t you think?

Many of these Britney-haters are often and Christina Aguilera fans….yet when topics arise about them, they barely get a glance. But when Britney is in the headlines, its as if it were the only topic on popdirt. For disliking Britney so much and caring so little about her, they devote an awful amount of time to her. There has been a lot of essays on Britney lately, and many of them have been written by those Britney-haters. It astounds me…people have actually taken the time to write these long essays, and all for someone they don’t like. Wow…amazing. Actually, its a bit sad.

It must burn Britney haters to see her on every magazine cover, to hear her back on the radio, and most of all, to see her succeed. For weeks we heard about how ‘Me Against The Music’ was going to be a flop. Two weeks after its release, and it is still topping radio countdowns all over the nation. And now with the video out, the single is only going to gain more popularity.

We have known it for a long time (some of you just didn’t care to admit it), and with her 4th album around the corner, its even more obvious that Britney rules the pop world. There is a reason that she continues to be referred to as the Pop Princess, and that reason is now more clear than ever.

Topics like “Baby, One more Comeback” have attempted to bring her down, but have proven to be nothing more than unrealistic arguments by bitter Britney haters. It suggests that Britney is the only artist who looks for media attention. Yeah, right…as if there wasn’t a record label behind EVERY pop artist.

Maybe the reason that Britney-haters are so obsessed with Britney is because she has been on top for so long. Its always been known that you attack those on top, and this is exactly the case with Britney and her haters. Nonetheless, critics have not succeeded in bringing her down. Why? Because Britney has got “it.” She attracts you, she interests you, and that even goes for those who dislike her. It must suck to hate Britney…she is always around, in everyone magazine and in every story. She staked her claim on the pop world years ago, and until she decides to let go, those poor Britney-haters will be stuck in a Britney world.

Today as I watched TRL, Britney brought one of her fans to tears. I already knew that she has touched the lives of millions of fans around the world, but it amazed me even more to see just how much she has touched their lives. I’m proud to be a fan, and I pity all those haters who will spend their days trying to bring Britney down, all to realize that they are playing in her world and on her terms, not their own.

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears – Haters Living In A Britney World

  1. XtinaFighter says:

    “I’m proud to be a fan, and I pity all those haters who will spend their days trying to bring Britney down, all to realize that they are playing in her world and on her terms, not their own.” Well I pity you that you think that we live in Britney’s ‘world’ and live on her terms and not our own. because unlike you I DON’T live in Britney’s world and I never will!

  2. Stallion says:

    Don’t let the haters get to you. I’m very interested to see how well this album does. I’m probably going to check it out.

  3. LuckyThirteen says:

    I’m not a Britney fan nor am I fan of pop music, but even I can admit Britney is an attention getter, she grabs you and pulls you in, she always has attention around her, and the haters DO care, that’s why they read and watch everything about her, even when she took that break she was still in the news everyday, and that’s why Britney will still be here 10 years from now.

  4. EveryoneSucks says:

    I agree with this. Britney almost rules the world and she’s the richest pop star in the world. she takes advantage of it and uses it for…herself. I swear if she starts thinking she’s Miss Everything (not that she don’t already), I’m killing myself tonight.

  5. babet says:

    I’m not gonna bother reading it…..its all just a bunch of Britney ass kissing if you ask me. but the fact that Britney has so many haters….says a lot. she’s too easy to hate on.

  6. Stallion says:

    I agree with the person who says that Britney Spears is to big to ignore. Christina Aguilera kiss Madonna to a person with more talent than Britney Spear. But yet they only talk about the kiss between Britney and Madonna. She just big. You can’t ignore her even if you want to.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Well everyone is entitled the right to their own opinion. But I don’t see why there has to be a big huge essay on a subject like this, no offense. Obviously you are a Britney fan, which I have no beef over at all because I don’t HATE Britney, that’s too strong of a word to use for someone who I have never met don’t you think? For the people that do hate her for whatever reason, they have every right, and whatever “theories” you think of to conclude the reason of their hatred is not gonna change that opinionated right they have. And besides, you can’t just question why Britney haters hate on her, I recall many times also seeing Britney fans hating on Christina as well on every Christina subject and topic, even when the topic itself is all about BRITNEY! If you are a Britney fan and hate Xtina, maybe you should question and make up your own theories towards your “hatred” towards Christina before you look at Britney haters, who still aren’t gonna change their opinions about Britney just as much as you probably aren’t gonna change your opinions about her “rival”.

  8. grprincess says:

    You are exactly right. I think the so called haters are obsessed with Britney because deep down they know they could never be like her.

  9. babet says:

    Nobody wants to be like her……at least not anybody in the right mind. Britney has all her fans on a short leash. Britney doesn’t exactly stand for or encourage individuality. Britney fans are becoming brainless zombies every time they hear the word Britney.

  10. Kizzardkid says:

    This is bull crap, I am so sick of these stupid posts, Yes I know you are all trying to state your own opinions but WTF? I come on here to read the rumors and the news and to see what others have to say to certain about other artist they like or dislike. But I don’t come on here to see people because Britney is a ho, or because No one likes her, Oh let’s cry about that. and what the heck is this post about, Britney is not the only one with “haters” If you’re gonna say this about Britney you have to say it about Christina, Justin, Mariah, Madonna, and all the others we like to talk crap about. Now I personally like Christina and Mariah and Justin, but Everything you say about Britney will always, and I mean always have a somewhat reply about Christina or Justin. So yeah you can’t just talk about Britney without talking about Chris and JT.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Well you could never be like her either…no offense. Britney is Britney, haters are haters, lovers are lovers, fans are fans, and so on so on. Just because haters are interested in Britney doesn’t mean that they want to put themselves in the level of Britney. If they truly wanted to be like her, wouldn’t you think they would idol her instead of hate her? Think about it.

  12. PL says:

    I totally agree.. Britney haters are secretly huge fans! I mean why would you put so much energy talking trash about somebody.. get a life people! Britney rules!

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