Britney Spears Headed To Seoul

The Korea Times reports Britney Spears will visit Seoul, South Korea for the first time on December 7th for the promotion of her new album. During her four-day stay in Seoul, Spears will be featured on a special television program with local pop stars. On December 9th, she and Korean pop idol will be on the same stage to sing several of their own hit numbers and new songs. The special concert will be aired, with interviews, on December 9th by Seoul Broadcasting System.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Spears Headed To Seoul

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I wish somebody would bomb her fake ass.

  2. lancesdevil3 says:

    They should rename this site to its mostly about her.

  3. jimmypee says:

    ….yes it should be called Britneydirt….we all know she’s a dirty little cow. sleeping with married men, and any guy in Hollywood so long as he’s got STDs. doing coke off of toilet seats. yuck.

  4. squall says:

    If you don’t want to waste money for In The Zone go to Kazaa now…. and type in each song name… I have the compete album now and it took 5 minutes… There are also almost NO trick MP3’s right now…. hurry before Kazaa gets flooded… Only Showdown has a lot of fakes… but it’s still easy to find the song… The real track is 3:20 minutes! The album is okay, the singing is VERY weak…. the only thing interesting about the album is where she is trying to go with her music…. which actually isn’t clear because she did a bit of everything and missed the mark on all of them!

  5. hellahooked says:

    damn why can’t Britney come over here and actually do a tour.. we always get the rejects like 50 cent, Christina Aguilera, Robbie Williams and so on!

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