Britney Spears Hits Back At Justin Timberlake In New Video

The Mirror reports Britney Spears has hit back at *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, striking the bitchiest blow in footage for her ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ single. In the video, she teasingly flashes a mobile phone number and the name “Ben” scrawled on her hand, which they speculate refers to Ben Affleck, who she was rumored to have had a fling with. The video might not only enrage Timberlake, but Jennifer Lopez as well.

Justin Timberlake Survives Mid-Air Scare

March 13, 2003 – Justin thought he was going to die when his plane’s engine was knocked out in a terrifying mid-air drama over the Pacific on Singapore Airlines flight SQ11. “Justin told us that he and everybody else on the plane was frightened,” a source close to the singer revealed. “Justin hates flying and was left very, very badly shaken. And a source close to Justin said: “When the pilot announced the engine had stopped because of the bird, everyone was in tears because they thought they were all going to die. Justin said a silent prayer and did his best to remain calm. As Justin is already afraid of flying, this was his worst nightmare.” Read more.

Justin Timberlake And Tara Reid Spend A Day Together

March 13, 2003 – Contributed by DiVa4LiFe: Justin and Tara Reid, who have been scene out partying together in Hollywood nightclubs, take a trip in Justin’s new Porsche to the Valley. Justin and Tara meet up with some friends and spend the day playing ping pong and having fun. They get soda and candy from the ice cream truck, before going home together to Justin’s house on Tuesday (March 11). Tara is supposedly Dating Justin’s best friend Trace after a brief fling with JC Chasez.

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