Britney Spears’ Honeymoon Photos

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I just wanted to get something off my chest about Britney Spears’ recent complaint about how she saw her honeymoon photos in a magazine. First of all, am I the only one that thinks that Britney is contradicting herself? She releases her wedding photos for money, and then comes out talking about how her privacy was invaded when people, who she ALLOWED to take pictures of her, took pictures of her and sold them for money. I think Britney is trying to once again make herself look as if she’s the victim. Well I say, GET REAL HONEY. I mean yeah, I understand that she deserves her privacy just as much as anybody else.

But if she truly respected her own privacy, then why the hell did she let people on the resort take pictures of her? Couldn’t she let one of her bodyguards or whoever take pictures of them? How could she allow those people on the resort to take pictures of her, expecting them to be honest? Did they sign a contract that says that they cannot sell them? I mean c’mon, it should be more common sense to her than all of us on here. It’s not rocket science. Britney pretty much asked for it. I could understand if they took pictures of her in bushes or something without her knowing, and then sold the pictures for the whole world to see, I could understand her anger. But she’s the one that allowed the people to take the pictures. If she truly wanted to be so private, then couldn’t she have simply told them to not take any pictures AT ALL.

She should know by now that you can’t trust people just because they say that they will keep your privacy. She needs to accept her own mistakes and stop complaining about things that could have been prevented if she didn’t allow them to do it.

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