Britney Spears’ Immature Fans!

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Alright, we all know that they both posed topless, they both looked amazing, I do admit, coming from a fan’s point of view that Britney Spears looks gorgeous. But why all the disses to Christina? They are both just trying to make a comeback to the media, or in Christina’s words, the photo shoot that really represents HER.

Why are you Britney fans so immature about things when it comes to Christina? You just HAVE to bring her up and diss her. They’re both cool and Christina is an amazing singer, well Britney is just more of a performer.

The new Britney pictures do remind a lot of people (including me) of the ‘Stripped’ photo shoot and the Maxim photo shoot. Aren’t you all the fans that dissed Christina when she made her comeback? Aren’t you the ones that said that Britney would NEVER do this kind of stuff? Well… here she is, posing topless for Elle magazine.

And if you all say that Elle and Maxim is different and that Maxim is more of a soft porn then anything else. I think that posing topless for Elle is worse, teenage girls actually buy that magazine, and look at it, now they are all going to try to copy Britney and try to be as skinny as her in the pics. At least Maxim is a mens magazine and girls wont look at it.

All I’m saying is that Britney and Christina are both very talented (in different ways) artists and that they are friends, why be so immature when it comes to both of them? Just be normal, and accept the fact that Christina is more talented as a singer and that Britney is more of a performer. I’m done =)

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14 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Immature Fans!

  1. BringMeToLifee says:

    How bias is this essay?
    Britney’s Fans Are Immature? Yah?! And so are Christina, Nsync & Bsb!
    Mang, Tina fans are b!tches like Tina! A lot of Britney fans are immature but coming from a non-bias honest view…Tina fans are the biggest immature/stupid fans around!
    Gosh! This proves it!! LMAO!! Tina fans are so sad!! Get Ova IT! Y’all Hate, You Give But Y’all Can’t receive!

  2. BringMeToLifee says:

    Damn Stan! Y’all I ain’t a Britter Fan! Peeps always insulting me! First someone called me an NSYNC fan now a britter fan! Oh GawD!

    Tina Fans puhlease, juss because I hate tina doesn’t mean i’ma Britney fan. I admire Britney for her talent which is pissing peeps off! She is a pretty gurl and that’s all. Tina is untalented and ugly as hell. She is annoying and a big b!tch. She is a fat ass tellietubbie, oompa lumpa chiken drum stick leg, talkin bellly whore!

  3. FireorIce says:

    First of all how did these women copy Britney, being blonde and singing pop. Pop has been around before Britney. Remember Debby Gibson, Paula Abdul and Samantha Fox. Then again you can be a little to young to remember. As for talent name them! She didn’t incorporate some influences, she directly copy them from Janet and Madonna. It just that her fans are so gullible that they actually believe that is all of Britney’s doing.

  4. FireorIce says:

    Key word hear is talent. Who has Grammys and who doesn’t? Christina no talent lol! What have you been smoking.

  5. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Actually, you’re the sad one, spending all your days on the internet, hating on someone you know nothing about, someone who you will never come into contact with…I’ll shed a tear for you…lmao.

  6. babet says:

    xtina ain’t in nobody’s shadow. if anything, Christina already pissed in Britney’s shadow and moved on. and Britney did not come out first. Madonna did. and Britney is trying everything to be like her even tho she doesn’t compare. almost EVERYBODY followed in Madonna’s footsteps. the only unfortunate thing is that Britney has no credibility when it comes to RESPECTFUL music.

  7. myloveislikewo says:

    Has is ever occurred to you that maybe people hate Christina because they plainly don’t like her for her.

  8. psychob1tch says:

    It means what it says.

    AND it’s not meant to be pretty; old man!

    P.S. They caught you on your lie LMAO!
    (you wanted to be cool, you ended up looking like a fool) HA!

  9. grprincess says:

    Xtina fans get it though you heads:

    1) Britney is original. If anything Christina copies Brit because Brit came out first. Christina just follows Brit.

    2) Christina has a very good voice but not as good as Celine. Brit has a good voice too or she wouldn’t have been on the Mickey Mouse Club or gotten a record deal and sings much better than other people like J.Ho.

    3) Britney rules and Christina will always be in her shadow.

  10. rachel says:

    Bringmetohell you can read all that? Oh I am so proud of ya. I guess I don’t have to buy that dictionary for your 9th Birthday. You are a hick who likes to have a big giant orgy with Justipiez and B*tchney Louisiana slut Sperms. And you are an embarrassment to all of Nas and Michelle Branch fans because how can you admire Sperms for her talent when she has none. She is uglier than tina, her manly legs just scare me.

  11. rachel says:

    Yep and people like me just don’t like Britney Spears for who she is but I don’t bash her 24/7. If she looks pretty I will say it but this 12 year old haters are so immature. Even when Christina was helping out a cancer victim, they had something bad to say about it.

  12. BringMeToLifee says:

    Aw man! Why can’t this site be all hippie-loving, gimme a hug site? I am like sick of haters like you know, dissing these artists for like everything they do. It’s just like sickening! It well I like makes me like cry cause like I want to be friends with you all! Why must people like compare Christina/Britney/BSB/*NSYNC? They are all like different and just like there own selves. They produce great music like for us and get rich like from us! So let’s all stop the Christina vs. Britney/BSB vs. NSYNC vice versa and hold hands!! :) Christina rocks Britney rocks NSYNC rocks Backstreet rocks. Aw, I love you guys

  13. rachel says:

    You are so funny!!!!!!! Britney Spears doesn’t piss me off, its just her fans like you who do. I’m not upset Tina is fat, I just upset that you keep denying you are involved with Justipiez and his Nsync buddies. Its okay you know, its just means you will catch STDs and be branded a whore by the whole world. Wait, People already think that about you . LMAO. Good Night and also write and tell me when your 9th Birthday is because I want to go buy the dictionary.

  14. BritFan5 says:

    People are going to say what they want no matter what anyone says. I do agree with you though. I don’t see the need for us Brit fans to diss Christina or vice-versa. I agree with your most of your post, however, how are young Christina fans going to feel when the hear that their favorite singer is posing topless on the cover of a “men’s magazine” as you put it. Honestly, I don’t see the big deal in either of the covers. Both are extremely talented, however, some people may disagree about the fact that you stated: “Just be normal, and accept the fact that Christina is more talented as a singer and that Britney is more of a performer.” If someone doesn’t feel that Christina isn’t the better singer, there’s nothing abnormal about them, they just may like Britney’s voice better. Another thing, I’ve more anti-Brit posts from Christina fans than I ever thought was possible. The main point is, why would you even read something about Britney if you’re not a Britney, the same thing goes for Christina and any other artist.

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