Britney Spears In All Honesty

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I’d like to set the record straight for all non- fans without bashing Britney or her fans about why we think she’s untalented and essentially taking up space in the industry.

To be totally and completely honest Britney seems like a really sweet, down-to-earth person who may love dancing and singing, but lacks the passion for both. It’s that passion that the audience and critics (whether they love or hate an artist) can feel when that person gets onstage and performs. Fans of Britney argue that she doesn’t sing live (an indication IN MY OPINION that she doesn’t have a passion for singing) because her dance routines are strenuous. I would say that her routines were difficult early on in her career but it seems like she’s gotten lazy and slacked off in general not only with her choreography, but her vocal skills as well. She wasn’t exactly audible, but back in 99’/00 she DID sing live during fast tracks while dancing. Currently her back-up dancers do 95% of the work while she’s just on stage looking pretty in her 2,000 dollar costume prancing around. is a dancer, Britney just moves her body. I think everyone deep down has established the fact that no, she doesn’t sing and not even when she’s in the studio because her voice is distorted and computerized on nearly every track. And yes I previewed ‘In The Zone’ because I was curious; don’t mistake that for obsession like some fans would like to believe.

As noted before her dancing skills as of NOW are not at all difficult to re-enact, especially while singing. And even if her choreography was strenuous her vocals are extremely simple so it’s definitely not impossible for her to sing live and dance. That’s just an excuse that she uses to not do her job 100% in my opinion. I believe it is the millions of dollars Jives spends for her to have elaborate stages, hundreds of dancers, flamboyant outfits, and pyro going on and off every few seconds that dazzles her fans and that is where they get the “She’s an incredible entertainer!” line. Take all of that away though and can some of you HONESTLY sit here and say you’d still enjoy her concert? Right. Apart from co-writing with nearly 4 or 5 songwriters for ‘In The Zone’, this is why many believe she’s musically untalented. She doesn’t sing, she barely dances, and she doesn’t write. Nor does she hire people to write good music for her. Of course this is all a matter of opinion but the majority of Americans would yell a big “NAY” to Britney Spears being talented.

Lastly I think it’s her extremely well-crafted image that propelled her career and that is why people like reading about her–it’s the image she portrays. I notice SOME fans mistake her image for being talent by saying not anyone can sell albums like she can and that doesn’t make her talented, at least to me it doesn’t. Up until the Madonna make-out, I always perceived Britney to act very virginal in interviews; I’d even go as far as to say nun-like. Then she’d get onstage or take pictures for a magazine looking completely trashy. Yea I said I wouldn’t bash her but I can’t think of another word for “trashy” that’ll convey my sentiments. Her fans and Britney herself say she’s “playing a role” or that we’ve got to “separate who she is onstage from her offstage persona.” It doesn’t matter. How you present yourself is how people will perceive you no matter what so the good girl/bad girl thing she had working for her entranced a lot of people. Her “good” side got pre-teens idolizing her pretty face and her “bad” side got middle-aged men with daughters her age fantasizing about her. Again, that’s the image that really catapulted her career. Now that she’s done with being virginal and has gone as bad as a person can go, the real question is whether America will still be captivated by her presence? I think the answer is no. For now she’s landing many magazine covers and getting articles written on her on this site but to me it seems like most people are getting bored of her, opting to watch other singers like , Beyonce Knowles, Norah Jones, Outkast, and so on. It’s because she lacks musical talent (to a lot of people) and only gets by on her looks that people find irritating.

So anyway, this was pretty long which I didn’t intend for lol but whatever. I’m a fan all the way and I don’t think being that takes away the validity of my argument, so in complete honesty: Britney seems like really nice person who would better excel at maybe becoming a choreographer or just settling down in her hometown. I don’t think she can last very long in the industry if her she continues to base her career on her image and not on her music. Sure Madonna did it but she was creative and inventive with everything she did. And despite what people say, the opinions of critics DO matter and DO express to a degree what the public thinks. The fact that she’s gotten about 200 bad reviews and 2 good reviews from critics means something. And the fact that some people walk out of her concerts (grown people, not kids with their parents) means something as well: she’s fading slowing. The End.

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