Britney Spears In Tears After Seeing Christina Flirt With Justin

The Sun reports recently went clubbing at Joseph’s in Los Angeles but her stay was short lived. When she walked in, she saw rival and her ex-boyfriend of *NSYNC flirting with each other. Britney left in “floods of tears” after seeing the two.

Justin Timberlake Talks About Being A Bachelor

June 13, 2002 – *NSYNC star Justin appeared on Access Hollywood Wednesday where he kept silent on his recent breakup with Britney Spears. “As much as I’d love to sit here and tell you the whole story,” he said. “It’s way too long. I’m going to keep that story for myself.”

As for being honored as one of People magazine’s 50 most eligible bachelors, Timberlake wondered, “I guess to be the most eligible bachelor, does that mean I’m a loser?” He added, “I didn’t ask for this position, but I’m gonna deal with it.”

On whether the bachelor has entered into the dating scene, Justin said, “Personally, I’m not into the dating scene. I don’t like to date. I feel like it’s three or four months of somebody who’s not who they are.”

Justin Timberlake Parties With Two Lakers At China Club

June 12, 2002 – The New York Post reports *NSYNC star Justin partied at the China Club in New York with Robert Horry and Mitch Richmond of the Los Angeles Lakers in between games against the New Jersey Nets on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Others partying with the NBA Finals dominating pair were Saturday Night Live’s Jimmy Fallon and former N.Y. Giant Rodney Hampton.

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears In Tears After Seeing Christina Flirt With Justin

  1. gwen says:

    This is a magazine that reported a lot lies about the Justin and Britney breakup. I believe it’s just a bunch of lies that they make up. By the way, I don’t think that she’s his type Christina (no offense). Now, if you had told me that it was Beyonce Knowles, I might’d believed it.

  2. ML11_84 says:

    I don’t think this is true not only because all they’ve been doing is writing mean and untrue stories about Britney and Justin but also because its sun magazine don’t ask me why but i just cant see Christina and Justin together lol.

  3. AshleighPoole says:

    First, never believe the Sun. They never tell the truth. Second, that would never happen “Britney at the same club as Justin and Christina” Third, I don’t think Britney would be crying over that s*** Christina

  4. eric69 says:

    This is so fake first of all I think there is no beef between Britney and Christina if they were to run into each other they would be talking like friends and plus Christina with Justin she would never be with that pretty gay boy I”m sure that’s why he left Britney because hes gay I mean come on leave Britney for some ugly back up dancer! He has to be gay! What else could it be she wanted to f u c k and he could not perform think about it he is so girly and is always flirting with Carson Daly hes gay and Christina would never be with him and Britney why would she ever cry shes probably getting BONED right now!

  5. nikechild19 says:

    You can’t believe anything The Sun prints. If the story pops up in any other publications, then perhaps there’s some truth to it but The Sun is not exactly a credible source.

  6. supergrl says:

    uhm, I heard she pushed back the tour. okay, i have to comment on the rest of this stuff too.

    Justin and Britney were going out with each other for a looong time ..and now she sees her ex-boyfriend that she still loves flirting with another girl. I’m sure if that was you, you’d shed a tear too, so please don’t comment until you experience something like that. if you have already experienced that, then i apologize, but i don’t see why you’d write that since you were once in those shoes too.

    personally i supported their relationship and i think they could’ve lasted longer. if whatever newspaper reported this first is wrong about the Britney/Justin/Christina thing then that’d be great, but for now it’s up in the air and people are gonna make fun of her? it’s pretty

  7. annsangel says:

    Evidently your opinion of what a gay man looks like- Funny when you see gays on tv and in real life- One is usually a very muscular football type- Also when you hear about the sex changes its usually about a ex football star or the supposedly moncho type- Is that what you are. You never know if your best friend is not gay-

    It amazes me – You can tell the teen boys online- they always use a sexuality phase when referring to someone-

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