Britney Spears ‘In The Zone’ Cover

Britney Spears 'In The Zone'

The cover of Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’, due November 18th, has been posted.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears ‘In The Zone’ Cover

  1. HoneyRain says:

    Cute pic of her.. I like the blue tones. It kind of has a calm and serene vibe to it.. Which is strange because most of her songs if not all are energized without much depth.. (and yes.. that’s the way it seems NOW.. reading all of her album previews.. I’m not impressed.. almost every song about sex and dancing).. anyway.. still like the album cover

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    The album cover looks very nice and decent.

  3. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Well, it’s tasteful. Wasn’t expecting that.

  4. MariahsMan says:

    Kind of simple for Britney’s style, but it looks nice.

  5. XtinaFighter says:

    Personally I don’t like it. I think that she looks ugly.

    ^ and no I am not a Britney hater!

  6. babet says:

    I like blue and I like the tones…..very….moody. too bad that big blob in the middle had to ruin it all. it would have been a nice piece of work…artistically speaking.

  7. Britneyforever says:

    Personally besides me being a Britney fan and loving basically everything she does cause I support what ever decision she makes cause that’s what a loyal fan is supposed to do I think this picture is beautiful.its not slutty its not vulgar its not anything but calm,simple,and very soft.its not what I expected it to look like cause its better.shes doesn’t have all these things on or around her that takes the image away from her its just her and that’s how I like it.its simple and nice it’s what Britney is.

  8. Kizzardkid says:

    It’s an alright cover, kinda reminds me of her last CD cover, put she doesn’t look that bad.

  9. iverson_babygurl_3 says:

    No, she don’t look ugly, actually very pretty compared to how she usually looks, I am not a big fan of her looks or pretty much anything about her. She has a horse nose though. VERY GOOD JOB WITH THE AIRBRUSHING!

  10. mikemc says:

    It’s very plain, but she looks nice!!! I was honestly expecting to see her half-naked and kissing another girl, but this cover is very tasteful and nice.

  11. ClarissaT says:

    It’s funny because I was looking at Hilary duff’s album cover over the weekend and thought it would be funny and totally unoriginal if Britney did a similar one with just a wind-blown head shot…and of course, she did.

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