Britney Spears Intervention Gone Wrong

‘Showbiz Tonight’ host A.J. Hammer talked to Us Weekly’s Ken Baker and investigative journalist Jane Valez-Mitchell about reports of mental issues and an apparent intervention gone wrong.
Baker said he was encouraged by the text message Britney’s friend Sam Lutfi allegedly sent to her on/off paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. “It said, ‘You are a manic trigger’. You know, well, the good news about that is someone in Britney`s camp, apparently the closest person to Britney, is using the language of psychiatry, is using the language of someone who is undergoing therapy. That`s good news,” he said. “Now, whether or not he really is a trigger is up for debate but what is clear is that there are at least people around her, specifically last night, her mom, her dad, her best friend, Sam – OK, think what you want – all around her apparently supporting her.”

Mitchell was then asked if she thought Lutfi had Spears’ best intentions at heart. “I think when you`re dealing with superstars – and we saw this with who are surrounded by an entourage of hangers-on – it`s very hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys,” she said. “Everybody`s pretending to be a good guy but a lot of them, or all of them, have ulterior motives. I mean, this is a person who may have her best interest at heart. But Sam was there, let`s face it, for a lot of acting out that has gone on for a long time.”

Video of the segment at has since been removed.

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