Britney Spears Is Definitely The Leader

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Among all the female singers out there, Britney definitely has the “it” among everyone else. She also among has the biggest potential and has the biggest hype among all. Read on for a further analysis on where the other female singers’ career stand.

1- Britney Spears
2- Beyonce Knowles
3- Christina Aguilera
4- Alicia Keys
5- Madonna
6- Jessica Simpson
7 – Janet JAckson
8 – Mariah Carey
9 – Kelly Clarkson
10 – Mandy Moore

1 – Britney Spears

Britney Spears definitely got it going on. With 4 #1 albums she definitely leads the pack. Everything she does catches media attention. Though not a very good singer she will definitely have a long lasting career. Just like when people said Madonna would be over in 15 seconds, well that was proven wrong and I think Britney would just do the same. With the most catchy songs the only advise is stop marrying people… it doesn’t actually help the 2nd time around.

2- Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles definitely has been the most critically acclaimed and seemed to have it locked on Billboard charts. Beyonce has the X Factor but it always seem like there’s something missing. But still she gets my #2. She would probably last 10 more years in the business.

3. Christina Aguilera

She has one of the better voices in the industry. She I think is the most unappreciated singer out there. Though she is very good, she just doesn’t seem to have IT. Even releasing Stripped when Britney was out didn’t seem to help. Beyonce took the spotlight away from her. But overall, she gets my #3

4. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys will definitely have a long career. She seems to have matured in every single song that she makes. She also has good album sales and critics’ approval. She has #4 overall

5. Madonna

Though I think she should’ve retired after the “Music” album., I think she should stop working so hard because she just doesn’t have it anymore. Though before she did, her career had just started to disappear. But if she still would like to make some money, there are still the tours that she could do which would probably still sell. Being the greatest performer, I still appreciate her effort to at least sing live even if she doesn’t have the voice. She gets my #5

6 – Jessica Simpson

Though I think she currently has the spotlight, I think it will fade a way in the nearest future. She has the “it” right now but she seems to be losing it. She has #6

7- Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson could have stopped the string of flops that Madonna and Mariah had, but she just continued with it. But I think she is in the near future about to make a huge comeback. She has this hard work to literally get the spotlight back to her. But after that breast exposure…. #7 is her ranking

8- Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey I feel has one of the most spectacular voices in the industry. But here’s the truth Madonna, Janet and Mariah are all suffering in their careers because of bad choices. Mariah should choose to do more ballads than being a slut in videos. She just can’t pull it off like Janet can.

9 – Kelly Clarkson
10- Mandy Moore – a far 10th!

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