Britney Spears Is Friendly & Accessible

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports was spotted celebrating the release of ‘Crossroads’ at Reggie’s in Baton Rouge. Bodyguards protected Britney from the swarm of fans wanting a closer look, while Britney was “was friendly and very accessible to most everyone in the joint.”

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Friendly & Accessible

  1. Syndney says:

    Did Britney Spears public relations team think that she was getting a bad rep recently for not being Friendly & Accessible that is why Ted Casablanca is now proclaiming the opposite.

  2. evaivamaria says:

    Britney,Britney,you are only twenty and behaving as the diva.

    Be careful, otherwise somebody would think that your success has got your brain spinning in the wrong direction.

    Be careful,baby, the wind of glory and fame has started to blow somehow slightly away from your face.

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