Britney Spears Is Not So Innocent

Contributed anonymously:

In all the recent ramblings of the fans posting thoughts on here, they’ve proclaimed how innocent, “classy” and goody-goody she is, notably to Christina Aguilera.

Let’s look at the FACTS.

She was on CD:UK, prior to Blender being released, and when Cat Deeley mentioned Christina “obviously” being a friend of hers and caring for her, she got all uptight and snooty. If people are going to act like that, why should anyone bother trying to reach out to them?

Secondly, Britney’s recent Newsweek article ( In it, she’s told of the Maryland Governor’s wife who said she would like to shoot Britney. Britney’s response? “Why don’t they go after Christina [and Beyonce] instead?”

Let’s look at the ignorance of her response. Instead of pointing out how sad and ignorant the woman’s comments were, she instead unknowingly deemed them acceptable, and tried to bring other people down with her. That’s akin to a black person being racially abused, and saying “why don’t you racially abuse that other black person?”…Equally as ignorant as the original comment. It also displays a complete lack of reasoning as to why she dresses like she does…if all she can do is point fingers, does that mean she’s only doing it because other people are? So she’s admitting to merely doing the “in” thing.

And that’s ignoring the fact Christina HAS got a LOT of criticism for her image. Probably more than Britney did. Does Britney not realize this? Is she too narcissistic and self-involved in her own life to have seen the backlash that Dirrty received?

Since when is pointing fingers “classy”? Christina never pointed any fingers, she just took all the criticism on her own, and stuck to her reasoning, and made a proverbial “middle-finger salute” to her critics. Britney, at the first sign of any questioning on why she does what she does, immediately tries to place the blame on anyone but herself, regardless of how inaccurate she’s being, and how stupid she sounds. All she does is complain about the media, then instead of making intelligent responses to them, she instead turns on her peers who are in the same boat as her.

Perfect examples of someone who has no control of their own career, and is lacking in class. And all the puppet work in her PR feeding her lines to recite to the media, and all the forced fakeness, can’t stop that low-class slipping out every once in a while.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Not So Innocent

  1. Lil_Shant says:

    lmao … its so true. though Christina HAS made her fair share of complaints etc she does take responsibility for her actions unlike Britney who blames the photographer or the media etc… she’s such a f**kin loser. she has absolutely no idea what she is doing…. and her album is BOMBING everywhere EXCEPT the U.S … shows how much intellect the Americans have eh?

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    You’ve made an excellent point here, but I’m not sure I would have pulled the race card as a comparison. Putting that aside, yes, I agree that Britney refuses to take responsibility for her actions and will blame anyone, even her fans, before blaming herself and standing up to it. Christina has a “screw you, this is me and I’m proud of it” mentality these days. Completely different. I also want to point out that Britney did set a standard for dress and what’s sexy now. She dropped her jeans to the pubic bone, so everyone has to show their stomachs. She’s pushed the envelope on what’s sexy, and the others have been forced to keep up. Even Mariah Carey suddenly got all slutted up when Britney hit the scene. Mariah was sexy after she left her husband, slutty when Britney hit the scene. There’s no competition in the talent contest, but as far as sex sells, there was major competition. So for Britney to say to look at Christina or Beyonce instead of her, is ridiculous. I set the tone, but don’t blame me, because everyone’s doing it. That’s what she’s saying, with wide eyes and a blank look on her face. You know, even a reporter was commenting recently that she arrived to her interview in a mini skirt and super skimpy top and he asked her about her sexy image and she batted her eyes and said “what sexy image?” That’s just dumb. That’s her whole image and she can’t even admit to it? Not a girl, not yet a woman? Whatever the hell she is, she’s not able to be honest and real.

  3. outrageous4u says:

    Why are you all so obsessed with Britney-I’m not sure what these essays are supposed to prove??that you haters can’t quit talking about her?MISSION ACCOMPLISHED psychos! lol!

  4. Mimi_Red says:

    Totally agree…Brit’s an idiot. Christina faces criticism head on, fearlessly, be it about her image her lyrics or her attitude…That’s why I love her! Brit is a spineless media whore

  5. rangergirl says:

    The Britster is a walking contradiction. Yep, Britney does publicly contradict herself -actually she flat out lies. On one show she’ll say one thing & on another show something entirely different. Christina, regardless of whether you like her style rarely does this. Brit and ole hag Madonna are very much similar in this regard.

  6. Mimi_Red says:

    Actually Christina is a self proclaimed bitch. Get your facts straight. And at least she’s honest and knows what she is. Britney dresses and acts just as bad, but then smiles and giggles and all is forgotten for people as ignorant as you!

  7. outrageous4u says:

    If she’s a spineless media whore, then why are you so fixated on her-u write essays, read articles about her, and comment on her all the time-if she’s an idiot like you say then what does that make you? You seem to be obsessed with the person you are calling an idiot-does that make you the idiot’s bitch?

  8. LoulouBell says:

    Ok all you people have no life comparing two people who you don’t even know!!! WHO CARES if Britney is better than Christina, or vice versa. you know its stupid how some can say they love Britney and hate Chris or love Chris and hate Brit when all they do is revolve their life bashing who they don’t like. come if that isn’t true obsession I don’t know what is. you don’t them they n they don’t know you. reading all these comments is really ridicules because you have no idea what you are talking about. you even contradict yourself. I’m not saying you are bad people, its just who the hell cares what they do, whats done is done and what happens happens it doesn’t affect anyone of us so . WHERE IS THE LOVE?

  9. rangergirl says:

    People have the right to comment because these pop stars are ALWAYS in the media. It’s NOT obsession ,but anyone can comment on pop stars or politicians or anyone else in the public eye. The pop stars in particular put themselves in the spotlight & probably no one on this board knows anyone of them personally BUT everyone has the right to make comments on public personas. Thank you.

  10. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO! where all the Britney fans? probably wallowing in self-pity as the cold and hard truth of this essay sinks into their pathetic, dumb little brains.

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