Britney Spears Is Not That Good

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This is by no means a comparison between and other artists. This is just an anti-Britney essay directed to her fans that keeps on GLOATING about her while putting down other artists in the process. If you’re a Britney fan who likes Britney but doesn’t put down other artist in the process then this essay isn’t for you.

Episode 1: Britney, the “magazine”-seller
Oh sure, Britney is often on magazines and especially on the TABLOIDS because she does sell copies…but not the reason Britney fans are so disillusioned about. She is often hounded by the media and featured in their magazine because she makes “great” news. I mean, who would want to read about a pop star dining in a restaurant with the boyfriend she’s been going out for more than a year now, who would want to read about an actress who’s been receiving numerous offers just coz she won an Oscar? No one. Well, there maybe some but then again those some is only a majority. Most people who read magazines want to read about a successful entertainer’s downfall not his/her success. And this is precisely why Britney sells in terms of media attention.

Episode 2: Britney, the GREAT entertainer but not a REAL singer
And you say, Britney is an excellent entertainer? I’ll never understand why fans keep on branding Britney as a great entertainer like as if it’s a category only meant for one person. Hello! People in the entertainment industry are ENTERTAINERS. It is safe to say that the term entertainer is a general word not a specific category. You can’t keep on using this same excuse whenever someone attacks Britney’s credentials as a singer. I mean, do you hear people say, oh Halle Berry can’t act but she’s a great entertainer. Umm, duh! What I’m even more baffled is that Britney fans seems to justify Britney’s lip synching because she’s a great entertainer compared to other artists? I don’t mind that you people will say that Britney is a good entertainer/performer, but just don’t glorify it by saying that other artists are real singers but boring in concerts whereas Britney puts out a good show. Entertainment is a general term and as to how a person is entertained is different with each one of us. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, you can always say that other artists are great singers AND entertainers whereas you can only say that Britney is an excellent entertainer. I don’t need Britney to have the most powerful vocals in the world for her to qualify as a SINGER but that fact that she lip synchs 95% of the time voids her of being noted as one.

Episode 3: Britney, the pop phenomenon
And stop bringing up her 50 million and so albums sold worldwide, because that was before. When she WAS still a pop phenomenon. Past achievements are nothing to gloat about when in the present time you are just another fading trend.

Britney is no more of a pop phenomenon than is today. The only difference is that Michael had a lot more years as a renowned artist than Britney has and ever will be.

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