Britney Spears Is Overrated

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Look, I am a fan. I think Britney is gorgeous, has a pretty face, is an okay dancer (and as a fan I have the balls to admit that she isn’t the greatest singer or dancer), and her music is okay. But some of you Britney fans are just embarrassing. You exaggerate and overrate this girl as if there’s nobody else like her on earth. Well guess what, many artist before Britney had sold just as many records, was just as popular, and had about just the same qualities that makes Britney famous: sex appeal, the body, the looks, the personality, the style, and the talent. And one day many other artists will come along and do the same.

And what’s more embarrassing is how you always have to use to make Britney look more superior above her based on just record sales and popularity. Well, judging on popularity and fame is different than judging on the artistry of an artist, some of you seem to act as if they both belong in the same category. As a fan, I have the balls to admit that as an artist, her music is repetitive and doesn’t bring anything new and daring to the table, but if I feel drunk and feel like just listening to dance tune, would I care? No. Her music is just pop with a vibier R&B feel to it, that doesn’t make her a great artist.

And as for her performing, just because her outfits are catchy and she can move her hips and shaking her ass and fling her hair all over her face while lip-synching (I mean c’mon, some of must be really delusional over Britney and a very dishonest fan if you can’t admit that the girl can’t sing live barely or at all), does not make her a great performer or entertainer. If that entertains you, fine, it does for me sometimes, but don’t make such a big deal about it, her dancing is not strenuous or out of this world. It’s simple and robotic, that is all, it’s nothing special, and I have seen much better dancing on Broadway and in night clubs.

And as for her “piano playing”, I’m embarrassed that some of you fans are so delusional to believe that she was actually playing something. C’mon people, it’s just a prop on stage to introduce the song. It’s that simple. If she actually knew how to play the piano, why can’t she play the piano on more than one song in her whole album, or play a few tunes live on stage to show her fans that she can play an instrument? Even if she actually could, it’s nothing to brag about, it’s not like she can play the piano as good as Alicia Keys or Norah Jones, so get real about that, she can’t play worth a darn.

But anyways, my point is that even though I love Britney and I think she’s beautiful and interesting, I think that many of you focus too much on her pro’s and kind of add other minor info (such as the star Hollywood walk of fame and the Guinness world record thing) that isn’t really a big deal and doesn’t justify or make a point about anything more prestigious or worth bragging about. And plus, some of you just really exaggerate and make yourself look so ridiculous. If you think Britney is so popular and stuff, fine. If you haven’t notice I didn’t say a word about Christina to make Britney look good or bad, and I think it’s pathetic how the only way some of you can make Britney look good and larger than life is by making fun of Christina and the people who are fans of her.

I can name her pro’s as well as her cons, and what makes me more irritated that none of you never mention about how 1) her bad tour reviews 2) her bad press (yeah, some of you mention how popular she is and is watched and read by everybody in the media, but do u mention that she’s getting more publicity for just kissing Madonna and dating husbands with pregnant wives, NO, she’s just so good and moral right? Our Britney can’t do that; we must not mention that, we must keep her secrets and private life to ourselves as if it is our own, right? *rolls eyes*) and 3) how compared to better singing artist, she doesn’t compare and is not first or second or last best to anybody.

So yeah, my other point is that just because you are a fan of someone’s music doesn’t mean you have to be an obsessed one that categorizes popularity, record sales, and fame over what really matters: the talent, the voice, and the music. And trying to compare someone’s popularity and fame is different from comparing talent and longevity, and with many of you fans, you seem to confuse popularity and fame with the actual talent and music. They’re both different things. If you are going to try to make an artist look good, at least choose one comparison or use both, I would rather judge an artist based on popularity, fame, REAL talent (heard of vocal talent kiddies? And I don’t mean vocal moaning and breathing through synthesized background music that drowns it), and music rather than just on popularity, record sales, and fame alone.

I know from this you might think that I’m not a real fan, but guess what, I LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to act like an obsessed 12 year old that has no knowledge of knowing what real talent and what a real artist is when I see one.

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is Overrated

  1. kierra2300 says:

    I agree. Her music is catchy and great to dance 2 but she cant sing.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I know this might be a somewhat dated topic, but THANK U!!!! Britney is so stupid and about as talented as my big toe and, as David Crosby points out, “about as deep as a bird bath”. Thinking of all the talented women in music like Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and – yes – Christina Aguilera…yet this no-talent BIMBO is getting all the awards, record sales, endless news coverage, accolades, Guinness World Records, honorable mentions, blah! She’s just a teenage slut who grew up to become a train wreck! Even with this so-called “comeback”, she still sucks eggs. Sadly, Christina’s “Back to Basics” album and tour, where the woman actually SINGS and PERFORMS barely made a blip, while Sh**ney’s “Circus” tour and CD, basically just a huge rip-off of “Back to Basics”, gets all the attention. At least Christina didn’t get the names of states wrong and menstruate all over her costumes for all to see. Sadly, she got stuck using her post-baby boobs just to get people talking about her, as talented as she is. But, yet again, Britney continued getting everyone talking. My blood reached a boiling point when I was browsing a record shop just yesterday and saw this special CD featuring “Women in Music”, everyone from Joni Mitchell to Alicia Keys. And who gets featured very prominently on the CD cover??? You guessed it! Sh**ney! She’s just standing there looking all, “You know you want me!” in her barely-there costume and her come-hither stare while the other female artists, Tina Turner included, are hard to see! So, in other words, in order for people to take you seriously as a woman in music, you have to look like Britney Spears and become famous by being a teenage prostitute?! Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme…GIMME A BREAK!!!!! Sorry, Britney SUCKS!!!

  3. Lily says:

    As much as I respect your opinion, I have to say one thing: if she’s talentless, no one would work for her. When she started in Star Search, she was finale in top 3. She was also in Micky Mouse Club with Christina Aguilera. The reason why C.A. is so talented yet not so popular is because her image is kinda… sorry, slutty. I mean Dirrty? Not Myself Tonight? Have you seen that performance? Way more profane than Britney’s… and she can’t dance. Britney could dance up a storm when she was younger, even though now she’s out of touch. She’s popular because of hard work. There are millions of girls prettier than her, and with more charm, but they don’t work as hard as her.

  4. bk says:

    What a world we live in!!.. the fact that she can’t sing
    get it .. but she makes a living as a singer / entertainer..sic ,,

    we as a whole society today prop up the obvious fakes
    Britney spares Kanye .. P. Diddy and others who
    would be laughed off the stage if they were too be handed a mic ,, without auto tuners etc,etc..

  5. Nicole says:

    After 13 years of staying at the top of music industry, haters are STILL bashing Brit for her having no talent. Too bad for all the useless attempts to bring her down, because she’s still the best selling female artist and most searched person of the decade,release catchy songs, and her tours are all exciting.

    Britney Spears is a legend and she is underrated as an artist, but overrated for her public meltdown. (Her Blackout album is arguably her best, yet still didn’t receive much attention when she released it.)

  6. MotorMouth says:

    Is Britney “overrated”??? Maybe, maybe not. However, she is by far the HOTTEST woman who ever lived! Forget Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Beyonce’, Rihanna, Mila Kunis and Kate Upton! Britney’s the sexiest woman in the universe and more men want her than any other female celebrity!

  7. Delilah says:

    EW!! Britney is gross! She’s a whore and a phony! I don’t get why so many people like her still??? She is, like, so 1999! There are other singers out there who are, like, way better than she is and a lot of women who are a million times better looking! Britney looks like a retard!

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