Britney Spears Is ‘So Vain’

Contributed by BabyBlue2578:

MTV News reports that during ’s show at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom, while performing hit VMA hit ‘Cry Me A River,’ the star launched into his own version of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain,’ quoting the famous words “you probably think this song is about you.” Apparently, that performance was aimed at ex-girlfriend , as Timberlake ended the song saying, “it is.”

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears Is ‘So Vain’

  1. RedBeast says:

    if true, he’s got a real problem seriously. he has a g.f. and said he’s over Britney, but he does this sh!t? I don’t know.

  2. rachel says:

    Well it was on MTV today. Yeah but what you are saying is true too , I’m sorry I shouldn’t jump to conclusions

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    You would think that being the so-called “girlfriend” of someone who keeps taking jabs at his ex-girlfriend (no matter how well deserved they may be) you would consider taking a walk towards something just a little more secure. She must have pulled something really, really big for this to continue but since you’re NOT the woman who can make him forget what she did maybe you need to find someone without so much hate.

  4. babet says:

    maybe he’s taking a jab at her because of the whole Jared thing. and you know what…….she deserves it. music is the expression of soul…so if he’s pissed off..he has every right to express it in his music…just like the CMAR thing. I’d be pretty pissed too. Justin’s trying to move on with another woman but Britney is just dragging his name and hers into the news AGAIN. Britney’s doing everything to piss off Justin deliberately and he’s probably fed up with her immaturity. I am.

  5. Julie816 says:

    When I thought Justin couldn’t get anymore pathetic he does. He didn’t thank Nsync he’s group for taking him this far or Britney for even putting him on the map. Justin was just a gay ass looking guy in NSYNC who everyone thought he was gay until Britney. Now, he is using Britney once more to get attention how pathetic. What’s more pathetic is that he admits to being cuckold how pathetic where’s your manhood Justin.

  6. Gimmeabreak says:

    Justin is a jack-a$$…hes not trying to get over Britney…hes trying to be an a$$…supposedly he’s in love with Cameron…than act like it…if he was so over Britney…he wouldn’t do things like this…just because your a fan…doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they do…Justin is wrong admit it…Britney’s wrong about a lot of things but I’m still a fan…and most likely will always be.

  7. hellahooked says:

    LOL Justin is a *****in’ jackass that prick. Why won’t he just get over it, it’s been over a year and he still is taking jabs at her. You know, Your the one who cheated on her with wade, you gay ass.

  8. Beach_Babe05 says:

    God do you people realize it’s what the fans want??? it gets extra cheers. like it or not people are so interested in celebrity relationships. he is just fueling the subject. there for causing people to listen. It’s just a way to get fans. He need something. Nsync fans would only take him so for. Britney has more fans so she doesn’t need to gain anymore. He is just keeping an image up of the poor broken man.. I am still a fan, and I am still a Britney fan. It doesn’t matter what he does. He is a smart guy he is making money and doing what he like to do.

  9. jujusdevilchild says:

    Justin sings that because the crowds loves it. Actually before people knew he & brit were dating they sold more records. Their last record sold more than her last in the states. So don’t go there. Brits put them both back in the press again, by talking about him in her interviews. I’m a fan of them both, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. However she is getting the press talking about them again. There usually isn’t any press at his shows, so the media don’t usually pick up on him singing one line at the end of the song. He wrote the song with emotion, of course he’s going to sing it the same way, that is what artists do. He’s over her, she’s over him.

  10. BabyBlue2578 says:

    As much as I love Mr. Moonman, I would LOVE for him to get over this, and fast. Had he done that performance about 9 months ago, I would have considered it genius, but its just old now. Its been a year and a half since they broke up. It’s been damn near a year since this song/video was out. Baby, its over now. We’ve all accepted that she’s a lying deceitful b!tch…there’s no need to keep repeating it.

  11. babet says:

    we all know Britney cheated on Justin. she’s a ho and would sleep with any guy just to get some……..apparently she had a thing for wade. Britney has no soul. she sold it to the media. just accept it. Britney cannot be trusted. no person in the right mind would believe two words out of that ho’s mouth.

  12. XtinaFan says:

    that photo… do you know if it was the day before they broke up???? It doesn’t say a date on that photo. I know it was from the day before they broke up because it appeared online the day before the break-up rumors started going on. And it’s real too – it was in a magazine (I think US weekly, I don’t remember which one). do you actually think she’ll go out and have sex with wade out in public with a camera??? why WOULD there be pictures??? LMAO moron! that’s not what I meant. what I meant, if you can read, is there would be pictures of her WITH wade somewhere in public if she was dating/f*cking/whatever him. I’m not saying there would be pics of them f*cking. wade is straight. look it up for yourself. Britney had said that MOST of her dancers were gay….not all. Here, I’ll quote Britney. [when asked about how she feels about gay people] All of my dancers are gay and I love them all. They’re really cool, because they can say, ‘Girl, you don’t look good in those pants!’ when your girlfriends aren’t that straight-forward with you. And they really know music, so it’s fun to go to gay clubs with them.” she could have cheated on Justin anywhere. do you really think she spends her whole life on stage?? she probably took breaks in between her tour you know. (god you are so dumb) Lol sure, but think about the facts I posted. Read what I posted again, CAREFULLY, don’t skim through. Maybe you’re just too stupid to understand. and Justin did love Britney. just look at the way he talks about her…..he’s never said a bad thing. Sure, Justin “talks” nice about Britney. But have you ever seen it in his actions? I haven’t. And Britney talked about how she loved him much more when they were dating than he talked about her. I mean, hello, I read this interview where she was talking about how she wanted to get married to Justin. She had their whole freakin’ wedding planned out. She was talking about how she wants their wedding to be, she even knew who the bridesmaid would be….Jesus Christ. She wouldn’t cheat on someone she was f*cking dreaming about marrying. No one would. And “he’s never said a bad thing”? ARE YOU JOKING? omg…. 1. He talked about their sex life on the radio for extra spins. 2. When a German VJ was making fun of Britney, and saying disgusting degrading things about her, Justin just clapped and laughed. 3. When Justin was dating Britney, I remember he did some interview and he talked about how he thinks its “wrong” that she “dresses the way she does” because there are “many little girls that look up to her”. Which by the way is obvious B-U-L-L-***** because he’s going around f*cking girls that “dress like that” and he’s hanging out in Playboy mansion….not only did he not mean what he said about her, and not only is he a hypocrite for saying that, but he dissed HER to make himself look good to his teeny fans. Yes, his teeny fans. He also said a few years ago when they were dating that he was a virgin and wanted to remain a virgin until marriage, and he said all this bull***** about how he thinks he’s the only guy his age that’s still a virgin. And yeah, his teenys bought into it. I know a Justin fan who heard that (she’s the one that told me about it) and she thought Justin was perfect. Sick. Oh, and Justin just admitted recently that he lost his virginity at age 15….and lmao, people that are waiting for marriage to lose their virginity don’t hang out in Playboy mansion, and don’t say disgusting degrading things about Kylie Minogue’s ass. and she broke up with him because she already cheated. and he took her back in the beginning because he “loved” her. Alright, well, if she broke up with him because she cheated, why is she the one (according to him) that’s “crying a river”? Not to mention, that if she broke up with him because SHE was cheating, that isn’t how the CMAR video goes. In the CMAR video, he CATCHES her cheating… either way, Justin is a liar. And if Justin took her back because he “loved” her, then why did he break up with her again? Ooh, was it because during the time that he took her back, he was going out with Jenna Dewan, so he broke up with Brit for Jenna? (Yes, there are PICTURES of Justin and Jenna at a club a little bit after the Britney break-up. So that doesn’t make sense that he would take her back if he was dating Jenna. OH, and if he did take her back when he was dating Jenna….hm. doesn’t that count as CHEATING? yup.) and I did listen to mystic man (damn that girl cannot sing at all) and she never denied the rumours of her cheating. Uh, Britney MANY TIMES denied that she cheated. And in the beginning (from March 2002 – August 2002) Justin also denied that she cheated. But in September (ooh, a few months before his album release. Coincidence? Nah.) he started implying that she did. *coughPUBLICITYcough*. Britney did not love Justin that much……….cuz she cheated on him and she was always eyeing and talking about other guys. Okay c’mon babet. If you’re going to defend your little Justin, have, at the very least, speculations that at least come from something half-true….cuz you obviously don’t have facts. “cuz she cheated on him and was always eyeing and talking about other guys” You saying she cheated on him comes from NOWHERE, babet, just because you believe Justin’s little lies. You don’t even have substance to back it up. And talking about other guys? She never talked about other guys. yes, she did say that she thinks Brad Pitt is hot a few times, but that’s just a little celebrity crush. Everyone has celebrity crushes. When Brit and Justin were going out, Justin talked about girls he thought were hot too. He even said he wanted to make out with Halle Berry. it doesn’t mean SH*T. Okay babet….now just think about this, completely unbiased. Stop being a teenybopper for a minute alright? Don’t think of them as Britney and Justin. Think of them as uh…let’s say, Mary and Joe. just two people that you don’t know ANYTHING about. ok? think about this… Mary and Joe are going out….and you can tell in Mary’s body language and facial expressions and how she f*cking glows and is weak-kneed near Joe, that she F*CKING LOVES HIM TO DEATH. You can’t honestly say that you have ever seen Joe glow near Mary, or have ever seen him weak-kneed. They both talk about how they love each other, and Mary goes ON AND ON about how she wants to marry him. They break up. Mary writes a few songs about her heartbreak and how someone cheated on her – she doesn’t say it’s about Joe. She just needs to express her feelings, without using anyone for publicity. Joe, for the next few months, keeps saying that Mary didn’t cheat. But then Joe has an album coming out, and just a few months before it comes out, he starts going onto radio shows and doing interviews, and in EVERY one he keeps implying that Mary cheated on him, and if anyone wants to know more about it, they should buy his album. (Now, Joe did many other interviews and radio shows BEFORE he started implying she cheated on him, but he always claimed that she didn’t). Now, honestly…these are just two people that you don’t know SH*T about. You don’t know that Mary dresses like a skank, which means you can’t judge her and say she’s a slut. You can’t be prejudice because you don’t know anything about these people. If you actually think about it, Joe is so f*cking guilty it’s disgusting.

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