Britney Spears Is Superior To Christina Aguilera

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just keeps on humiliating Christina Aguilera when it comes to career success. Christina fans wish that Britney was over. Well, Oops….. Britney’s done it again, she has released another successful album. Now, some of you may be confused as to what I am talking about. I am talking about Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits: My Prerogative album. The sales figures for that album has just been released from music week, and if you are a Britney hater, I urge you to look away now:

Week ending April 11, 2005

Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

35, 882 +8%
6, 402, 961

Now, lets just compare this to other big names who have albums released world wide at the same time as Britney:

Kelly Clarkson
69, 331 +8%
3, 045, 840

77, 380 -12%
6, 989, 477

Oh, and just to rub salt in your wounds, In The Zone has sold over 3 million copies in the USA alone and 8 million world wide.

Sorry. Did I ruin your little fantasy Christina fans? Aww, you love you compare Stripped to Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. Now, I do not think that you understand the concept of studio albums and non studio albums, but here it goes:

Greatest Hits My Prerogative is a non studio album which has only been released for 6 months and Britney has done 0 promotion for it.

So if you want to compare Greatest Hits My Prerogative to any of Christina’s album, why don’t you compare it to her NON STUDIO ALBUM! I think I shall do that. Hhhmmm, lets see, we have the Spanish album and the Christmas album:

Mi Reflejo (2000) #27 US [3 million Worldwide]

My Kind of Christmas (2000) #28 US [ 3 million Worldwide]

Greatest Hits: My Prerogative:6, 402, 961
world wide

Well, as you can see, Britney owns Christina. Both of Christina’s non studio albums were released in 2000, when sales were really high. Now in 2005, sales relatively low, Britney still manages to outsell Christinas 2 non studio releases. Oh the shame….. On Christina…..

Oh, and it doesn’t end there either. During the Stripped era Christina Aguilera had 6 million web sites dedicated to her, now in 2005 that number has decreased to half. This is according to
The music star who have the most web site right now it’s the superstar Britney with over more than 16 million

2000 :
2001 : Britney Spears
2002 : Britney Spears
2003 : Britney Spears
2004 : Britney Spears
2005 : Britney Spears (4 months to date)
Britney Spears : 16 million
Christina Aguilera : 3 million
Eminem : 13 million
Usher: 9 million
Nick Carter : 3 million
Justin Timberlake : 2 million
Jennifer Lopez : 8 million
Jessica Simpson : 4 million
Mariah Carey : 4 million
Alicia Keys : 3 million
Ciara : 2 million
Beyoncé Knowles : 3 million
Hilary Duff : 3 million
Lindsay Lohan : 3 million
Avril Lavigne : 5 million
Ashlee Simpson : 1 million
Aaron Carter : 3 million
Jesse McCartney : 750k

Poor Christina. Her fans thought she was so superior to Britney and that Britney was fading fast, how wrong they are.

Oh, and one last thing:

Vietnamese HHT Teen Magazine announced Top 100 ‘ Most Fav Hits ‘ & Top 10 Most Popular Artists based on over 2 Million ballots of readers.

Top 20/ 100 Hits

1. Baby One More Time – Britney Spears (14%)
2. Somewhere I Belong – Likin Park(7%)
3. Bye Bye Bye – Nsync (5.6%)
4. Survivor – Destiny’s Child (5.2%)
5. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence (4.9%)
6. Genie in a Bottle – Christina Aguilera (4.7%)
7. Complicated – Avril Lavigne (4.3%)
8. Stan – Eminem (4.1%)
9. Believe – Cher (3.9%)
10. Can’t Get U Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue (3.7%)
11. Whenever Wherever – Shakira (3.5%)
12. Don’t Let Me Get Me – Pink (3.2%)
13.All The Things She Said – TaTu (3.1%)
14. I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys (2.8%)
15. If U Had My Love – Jenifer Lopez (2.7%)
16.Born To Try – Delta Goodrem (2.7%)
17. What I go To School For? – Busted (2.6%)
18.Can’t Fight The Moon Light – Leann Rimes (2.3%)
19. I Lay My Love On U – Weslife (2.2%)
20. Everywhere – Michelle Branch (1.8%)

Top 10 Most Popular Artists

#1. Britney Spears
#2. Linkin Park
#3. Eminem
#4. Christina Aguilera
#5. Avril Lavigne
#6. Destiny’s Child
#7. Kylie Minogue
#8. Evanescnece
#9. Usher

Wow. 2 million people? And Britney tops the list? And Christina limps in on 4th place?

It’s official. Christina is back in Britney’s shadow. Where she belongs.

Plus, Christina’s DVD and Britney’s Greatest Hits DVD were released near the same time in the USA, Britney’s DVD is at #29 on the Billboard Top 100 selling DVD’s chart while Christina’s fell of the chart 3 weeks after its release.

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  1. lee says:

    that slut your comparing to xtina?no way can’t even sing a note..

  2. La Carona says:

    Christina owns Britney, you better deal with it.

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