Britney Spears Isn’t ‘In The Zone’

Contributed by BellaLopez:

I downloaded Britney Spears’ new album, which leaked by the way, and had the opportunity to listen to it. I’ve got to admit that Britney sounds more mature now, however she’s trying to be someone she isn’t. This album is very ‘weird’, I mean it’s got some hot tracks but this is it. You can even say that this album it’s the tween brother of Madonna’s ‘American Life’. She’s rapping, singing and make a bunch of other noises. She should go back to pop and stay there until she’s 40 and than to try other kinds of music.

The most horrible song is ‘I Got That (Boom Boom)’, it’s seems she isn’t there. the nicest song is ‘Breathe On Me’ (Excellent song).

That’s it …. I advise you not to by this album but it’s your choice … right?

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Isn’t ‘In The Zone’

  1. elgato says:

    Where did you download it from? I downloaded all the songs from kazaa, but when I played them they were all me against the music.

  2. funkdobeus says:

    ‘I Got That (Boom Boom) feat the Ying Yang Twins, is heavy It’s probably 1 of the best and most urban Britney tracks I’ve ever heard.

  3. weebongo says:

    ‘Breathe On Me’ is the best song and takes a line from Madonna’s ‘Justify my Love’. Just another tribute to Madonna on the album.

  4. funkdobeus says:

    ‘Breathe On Me’ sound more like some thing Kylie Minogue would do.

  5. BritneyFreak86 says:

    I downloaded the songs and I LOVE them! Granite they are different….but change is better. I like her new sound a lot and I’m glad she GREW UP.


    That’s funny you sound like a J.Lo fan and everyone knows she can’t sing to save her life don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t trust your judgement if J.Lo paid me herself. I’m a J.Lo fan but I can honestly say the girl can’t sing so that makes me wonder why you would waste your time trying to download Britney Spears?, you know you love her. and I hope your not the same bellalopez from the fan site because it sucks

  7. weebongo says:

    It is much more Kylie but Britney does use a line from ‘Justify My Love’ in it. The one were she says, ‘Just put your lips together and blow’.

  8. Krys10 says:

    I’m not a huge Britney fan, but I do like Outrageous and The Hook Up. The “Brave New Girl” chorus reminds of that “Kids of America” song that plays in the opening credits of “Clueless” and I also agree w/ the people on the JJB board, that “Brave..” sounds like it belongs on the Legally Blonde soundtracks.

    They both can dance and make music that people like to dance to, but neither are great singers. JLo doesn’t sing better than Britney and Britney doesn’t sing better than JLo. They’re both equal when it comes to singing, equally crappy.

  9. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    Who cares about if her new album is not good all it matters is she is beautiful and that oozing body Britney can’t wait to lick you

  10. GymnastDude182 says:

    Who the hell are you to say if we should or shouldn’t buy this album. seriously NO ONE cares what you say or think, you are venting to people who can care less. This album is so beat heavy and outrageous. there’s not just one type of sound on this…there’s something for everybody, and I advise you to GET IT. You would absolutely love it.

  11. Britney_rocks says:

    Britney’s songs are fresh and original unlike copy cats Justin who wants so badly to be like Michael. hahah never going to happen sissy boy. Britney’s voice on shadow is amazing Everytime is haunting and yet still a tear jerker I mean how many times have I cried hearing that song and shadow I do not know but I know this is going to be #1 and probably sell over 10 million copies! and make Britney the queen of pop which she already is in my books and a lot of people I know agree with me!

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