Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Fundraiser Photos has photos of and Justin Timberlake who hosted a Super Bowl fundraiser at Planet Hollywood in Times Square Sunday. Also on hand was Jamie Lynn Sigler. The *NSYNC star wore a blue ski cap and a red polo shirt to the event, while his girlfriend Britney wore a New Orleans Saints jersey with tight black pants. Check out the pictures here.

Britney & Justin In Drag For Her Next Video?

January 25, 2002 – Star reports intends to dress up as a guy in her next video, as she lately has been experimenting with makeup and hair and clothing to disguise her sexy figure. Meanwhile, she wants boyfriend Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC to guest star in the video as a woman. While initially having reservations about appearing in drag, Justin thinks it might be fun and will probably go along with the idea.

Timberlake Almost Had Fill-in For Chili’s Ad

January 25, 2002 – People magazine reports that during the filming of *NSYNC’s commercial for Chili’s restaurants, the group almost had to have a fill in for Justin Timberlake ala Wade Robson for Joey Fatone during the ‘Pop’ video. Apparently Justin was held up at the Nassau airport causing the commercial’s director Rob Pritts to go on a frantic manhunt for a replacement. Just as the Justin lookalike was ready, Justin ended up making it to the set.

Student/Songwriter Poulsen Says Timberlake Stole Song

January 23, 2002 – Brittany Candrian of BYU Newsnet reports BYU student and songwriter Clinton Poulsen has accused *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake of stealing parts of his song ‘See Right Through You’ and putting it on the group’s “Celebrity” album bearing the same title. Poulson claims, “We had some experts analyze the song and there’s no doubt in their minds that he definitely took parts of my song and put it in his.” Read more.

Different Portrayal Of Timberlake At Golf Tourney Given

January 23, 2002 – A Justin Timberlake fan on the message board recounted her experience at the Bob Chrysler Classic, contrary to earlier negative reports about the *NSYNC member. Lashaunda says teenybopper girls screaming at Justin caused a disruption on the course when he waved at them, and if he didn’t, they yelled out insults. She also said men were shouting mean comments whenever he made a bad shot.

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