Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake On Love Merry-Go-Round reports that star has been spotted out and about with Tara Reid, while Britney is reportedly romancing Joey Fatone, in a bid to make each other jealous. “Britney and Justin are determined to make each other as miserable as possible by openly flirting with famous sexy companions just to push each other’s buttons,” a pal said. “Britney has been trying to show that she can hit the clubs and party on her own and get lots of attention. But Justin one-upped her when he started dating Tara.”

Missed Out On ‘Work It’ Nudity

March 1, 2003 – Justin tells Radio 1 that he missed the best part of the ‘Work It’ video filming at the Playboy mansion, but still enjoyed the experience. “It was fun,” he tells Radio 1. “I was only there the first day ’cause scheduling is always crazy… but I heard the second and third days there were topless women and all kinds of crazy stuff going on. I’m sad that I missed that, but, you know, such is life.”

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