Britney Spears Kickoff Performance ‘Badly Lip-Synced’

Tom Shales of the Washington Post reviewed the 55-minute concert that preceded the NFL Kickoff game on Thursday, and wasn’t too kind about Britney Spears’ performance. Shales writes, “Spears just kept singing, singing, singing. Or rather syncing, syncing, syncing. But the feeling some of us at home were having would be better described as sinking, sinking, sinking.”

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13 thoughts on “Britney Spears Kickoff Performance ‘Badly Lip-Synced’

  1. hotstuff says:

    yeah and I’m sure haters are gonna milk this ***** for all its worth. surprise, its not bab*tch or jimmypeethebed replying first to this *gasps*

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    pretty harsh, but it was not her strongest performance. Maybe she was nervous about being onstage again and performing new music, but like someone said, she came off a little rusty. : /

  3. bravegirl says:

    this is a lame diss to make a name for himself,as long her fans happy and making good music for us that’s all that matters.

  4. hellahooked says:

    That was pretty…. um stupid. Sure, she lip synched but it wasn’t that bad minus a few… er parts that sucked.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    yeah maybe she was nervous (then I wonder how nervous she was on the MTV awards, lol). But yeah…it was a very rusty performance, I was expecting more. If she’s nervous she needs to face her fears. :)

    Well we can practically always expect Britney to always lipsinc on stage, which wasn’t the part of it that I thought was er…kinda rusty. Not to diss Britney to all you Britney fans, but her new choreography was so simple and uninspiring, she didn’t even seem to take an effort to make it more flambouyant and exciting. I wasn’t really feeling the song. It wasn’t one of her WORSE songs ever, but it wasn’t her BEST either. And as usual, she always has to strip off something, which more and more becomes so just…kinda expected, immature, and not exciting anymore. Once again, I am not trying to diss Britney, just stating my opinion. Britney was beautiful as usual, but her performance was just kinda bad. I hope next time she can show more energy, show us some new choreography (i don’t believe her ‘dancing’ is actually real ‘dancing’, but if dancing is what some of y’all want to call it, okay), and just start letting her music and her voice do the work.

  6. babet says:

    ok to all you Britney lovers……when I heard the mp3 version it didn’t sound like she lip synched…..maybe the chorus but it sounded live to me. I haven’t seen the performance so I don’t know. all I know is that I don’t like the song and Britney could have done a better job on the song vocally if she already pre-recorded it. in my opinion I just really really don’t like the song. its not catchy compared to her other songs and its too weird. I don’t like the sound of her voice plus the song was just…..badly produced……and they lyrics were very lame and unoriginal. it just wasn’t……interesting.

  7. luluvon_2000 says:

    Well I’m not sure if she did or not, but most people think she had pre-recorded vocals of a live performance to make it sound like she was really singing live… so I don’t know what the truth is… Holla!

  8. SunChick says:

    I find it hilarious that Britney actually believes she can have a long-lasting career with lip syncing and simple dance moves. And she thinks she’s the next Madonna. Hell, even Madonna sings live (most of the time!). Britney can’t write her own music (except for pure bubblegum crap like “Dear Diary”), she can’t play an instrument, and she seems incapable of EVER singing live. And now her dancing’s going down the sh**hole, as well.

  9. hotstuff says:

    lip-synching or not, it was HER voice we were all hearing, was it not? and the reason her performance didn’t shine the way they usually do is because she hurt her foot, you can’t go all out with the moves if your foot is injured now can you?

  10. nick_carters_girl says:

    lordy..cant they just shut the heck up? to all Britney fans: those people are critics.. just remember that.. they get paid to long as her fans enjoyed her performance, isn’t that all that matters?

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Whether Britney was lip syncing or not (most likely she was), the song just wasn’t hot! The first time I heard it on her NFL performance I wasn’t feeling it. I thought that she would also do something more extravagant with her choreography, but that too was just uninspiring and lazy. I know she broke her foot or whatever, but STILL…with all this hype about her new music I thought she at least take the effort to make a good show. That kinda shows that she’s not independent in her music because if God forbid she couldn’t dance anymore from an injury, what could she do then to show how talented she can be without taking off her pants or picking up effortless choreography.

  12. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO @ some of you. all of the excuses come flying in. “she was rusty” my ass. she sucked pure and simple. the song is craptastic, and her amateurish lip synched performance was pure *****. all you stupid gits were saying how she’s going to come back with a bang and how she was different and how she was going to sing better. LMAO. she comes back worse than ever. her RECORDED vocals were awful, the song was so bad even you brainwashed fans couldn’t even lie about liking it, and she was a joke on stage, stripping away again. the same old ***** as before. Beyonce, Avril and Christina must be loving seeing this. her true colors shining through. you guys can and should feel stupid, and don’t lay it on anyone else. if you hadn’t of built her up so much, she would have sucked bad enough, but you’re delusional promises have made her look even worse. she’s over.

  13. Danisha says:

    “Spears just kept singing, singing, singing. Or rather syncing, syncing, syncing. But the feeling some of us at home were having would be better described as sinking, sinking, sinking.” I couldn’t agree more. She’s done. Her shtick has grown tired even amongst many of her die hard supporters. With Christina, Beyonce, and Pink showing how things are REALLY done, I think Spears has pretty much lost what little relevance she did have in pop culture. She’s always been a joke, but now she’s just sad and pathetic. My how the mighty have fallen.

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