Britney Spears Lashes Out At Paps While Trying To Photograph Mural

was spotted making a stop in her Mini Cooper with her female friend on Saturday night (December 22), taking snapshots of a mural on the side of a building spotted while driving by. The troubled pop tart had trouble getting a good shot because all the paparazzi got in her way.

“Move so I can take a picture,” Spears said. “I’m just like you. I can’t see, these motherfu**ers won’t listen to me.” When one pap told Britney she was standing in the middle of the street, she fired back, “You stand in the street outside my home, you stupid fu**! Move!”

Spears then returned to her car, but during the commotion, she threw her camera down and the memory card popped out. Spears later realized it was missing and told the paps, “One of you all took it.” Everyone then wandered in the middle of the street looking for the card. Eventually one of the paps found it. “Thank you baby,” Britney told the guy.

Asked if she liked the paparazzi again, Britney responded, “I just don’t like it when you get in the way of my pictures. I’m a person just like you.” Among the paparazzi recording the incident was Adnan, the guy who later spent time with Britney at the Pennisula Hotel.

Watch footage below.

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