Britney Spears’ Latest Tour ‘A Complete And Total Disaster’

Contributed Anonymously:

Ok. I’m only writing this review to give hopefully a clear insight into Britney Spears’ “The Onyx Hotel” tour from a fan, not a delusional sheep. Unfortunately, her latest tour effort is a complete and total disaster in my opinion. I can honestly tolerate the lip-synching only, and only IF she gives one hell of a performance and dances her arse off but she didn’t do that this time for Onyx.

The last two tours were wonderful, I had a great time because she kept me entertained. It seems as though she doesn’t even care anymore what kind of a job she does, as long as she makes money and that’s not cool. For the 2 or 3 times she sang live it was beyond horrible. I couldn’t believe it. And then she’d do another song, sometimes moving her lips to lip-synch, sometimes not.

For me it was just oversexed and after it while it got kind of boring. Everything was so repetitive. I don’t know, I was just disappointed overall with it.

Lastly, I think the only reason the PUBLIC (not her fans) are interested in Britney is because of her image. Fans like the music, the public likes her physique and I had first row seats so I could tell she put on some weight, enough to notice. I don’t think Britney will be around any longer if she doesn’t keep a super trim figure or become a more serious artist.

I’m not a fan of Beyonce Knowles or but they’re so much more ahead of Britney, not having to depend totally on their looks like she does. I’m still a fan, somewhat, but if she doesn’t get her act together then she’ll barely go platinum for the next album.

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