Britney Spears Likes ‘Spanish’ Singers Kylie And Paulina reports made another embarrassing gaffe, calling and Spanish singers. Spears was speaking to a Spanish journalist, who asked if she liked the country’s music. Britney replied, “Yes, I really like it. From Paulina Rubio to Kylie Minogue.” When she was told that Kylie is Australian and Paulina is Mexican, she hastily tried to cover up her embarrassing mistake by adding, “I still think they’re great.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Likes ‘Spanish’ Singers Kylie And Paulina

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Damn, what a dumbass. SHAME!

  2. Xandrew88 says:

    It’s Gossip all right. And like 99.99 percent of gossip is incredibly wrong. You gotta be a dumbass if you believe that. *Waits for jimmypee, honey,Xtina-Dirrty, breez, BadAss4Wackstreet and the other dummies.*

  3. Jive says:

    I think this is false. I don’t think that Britney thought that Kylie was Spanish. Who would? Maybe she meant that she liked every music referring to Kylie Minogue.

  4. hipon says:

    They asked her if she likes ‘European Nations’ music. But still, she is an uneducated dumbass.

  5. hipon says:

    Another reason will be that she likes the music that is heard in Europe, because both Paulina & Kylie are very famous in European countries

  6. Whatomat says:

    ^^ At Hipon. Paulina is not that famous in Europe, maybe in certain countries but not all like Brit or Kylie.

  7. hipon says:

    I’m from Europe (France) and Paulina Rubio is famous in my country and many other countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Holland. She is not famous like Kylie but she is famous and even her Spanish music is heard. And Britney is an uneducated whore who should take some culture classes.

  8. Cicero says:

    Ooh, wait a second. When the journalist asked if Britney liked his country’s music, Britney probably just named off artists that appear on the radio. BUT — if Britney has never visited Spain, then that explanation goes to hell, and we all just have to laugh.

  9. myhead says:

    She travels everywhere with tours she should know the difference but hey she is not getting paid to be a genius

  10. hellahooked says:

    lol, how funny. It sounds fake because I’m sure Britney knows Kylie isn’t from Spain.

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