Britney Spears’ Lip-synching

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Many of you have commented on the fact that can’t sing or the fact that she lip-synchs but the fact is that I rather see Britney put on a good show then mess up on a good song.

True she doesn’t have the best voice and the girl knows it. She even admits it on Diane Sawyer. If you want to see someone singing live, you need to go to Broadway or an opera show.

Why don’t you curious people try to run on a treadmill and sing one of her songs or any song at the same time and see if you sound good? I bet not.

If you can run on a treadmill and sing as good as the CD then props for you, most people can’t so you need to stop hating.

I’ve been to both Britney and Christina Aguilera’s concerts and Christina can sing but her shows suck and all she does is stand and just walk around and have barely any dancing, and on her last tour, stripped and justified, a lot of people thought it wasn’t good and that people sat down for her part because it wasn’t interesting.

Britney’s concert however, she has great choreography and she puts on an amazing show with customers and sets and just mind blowing performances and dancing, I know when I’m at a concert, I want to have fun, and Britney give u that feeling at her concerts, you’re amazed.

Just take like TV performances as simple as that, Britney dances well on talk shows and on her concert specials. Christina just stands and sings which is boring. When you’re actually performing and dancing really well the crowd loves it and that’s what important, everyone knows that Christina can sing so there isn’t a point anymore to prove it, she needs to do something that outrageous.

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One thought on “Britney Spears’ Lip-synching

  1. William says:

    What a bunch of nonsense. Springsteen, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, The Tubes..just to name a few, are acts that have elaborate stage shows not to mention people 3 times her age, performing LIVE! Always have and always will. These are true artists/superstars. They’ve earned their fans.

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