Britney Spears: Little Girl Desperately Seeking Guidance

Some months ago fans and admirers of were mad at Spears’ archrival and fellow popstar for making what at the time seemed to be a negative statement about Britney. But as of late, Britney has been the poster child of bad judgement and everything that a respectful girl should not be. She ended a long term relationship with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake, he says she cheated on him, which is completely believable. From that point on, she’s been playing the promiscuous pop tart role that people immediately labeled her rival. Man, after man she has been linked to, some celebrities, and some not. At 22 or 23, she been already been a married woman, and not even a year after that she’s about to be married again. Britney Spears is undoutedly the anti everything a woman should be. Her latest role, is that of a homewrecker. How can any real woman can be happily engaged to a man that has a baby on the way? So when Christina said that Britney seems like a “lost, little girl desperately seeking guidance” it wasnt a dis just more of an observation that really fits Britney. Sad thing is Britney is looking for that guidance in all the wrong places.

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