Britney Spears Loses Out – Again

Contributed anonymously:

Once again, has been shunned. Not by the elite Grammy Awards, but by an award show as frivolous and superficial as she herself. Year after year, we’ve watched as the Grammy Awards tease Britney with nominations, but continuously refuse to be associated with the manufactured machine that is Britney Spears, leaving her with no credibility or respect within the industry. This is to be expected and perhaps applauded. I mean after all, how can an award as prestigious as the Grammy Award be awarded to an artist who relies heavily on computer engineering to disguise, alter and improve her voice?

But what should feel a real slap in the face to Britney, is when a network that continually uses Britney for publicity, over and over again – (Don’t feel bad for Britney here – she uses MTV just as much) – can never award her one of their VMAs, an award that encases no credibility and acclaim. MTV may not refuse to associate with Britney Spears, but one thing they will never do, is applaud or praise her contribution to music. Because let’s face it, Britney Spears is to music what MTV is to credible news reporting – an irrelevant laughingstock.

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