Britney Spears’ Lover Adnan Ghalib Is ‘Sex Mad’, Says Ex

Nichole Grimes spoke with the Daily Star about her fling with Britney Spears’ new boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, and how the paparazzo betrayed her by seducing her best friend behind her back. “I should have known when he told me his favorite lesson was sex education,” 35-year-old Grimes said. “To say he was a ladies’ man was an understatement. He couldn’t get enough. He’s mad and sex mad. When we met I thought he was this lovely young Asian boy from quite a strict family. I admit I was head over heels in love. Then I discovered he’d been secretly muscling in on my mate behind my back. He left me for her in the end. I was absolutely distraught. Some people may wonder what this lad from a strict Muslim family is doing with a party animal like Britney. But I reckon he’s wilder than her.” Read more.

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