Britney Spears’ Lunchtime Trip To Tanino’s In Westwood

was photographed riding with an unidentified man her convertible Mercedes 500SL on her way to eat lunch at Tanino’s Restaurant in Westwood, California on Friday (December 5).

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Lunchtime Trip To Tanino’s In Westwood

  1. Jive says:

    I seriously didn’t see a guy in those pics. Did you?

  2. rachel says:

    Yep is that ugly mofo she was with the last time, her mystery guy. Okay let me rephrase that he is not ugly because maybe he has a great personality.

  3. XtinaFan says:

    LMFAO. is this a joke or something? nice misleading way for SplashNews to get hits on their site. that’s Britney’s friggin’ bodyguard. lol…idiots.

    LOL. actually, Christina is the only one that has the ugly mofo boyfriend, Jordan. That guy is so freaking ugly…eww.

  4. Hotstar says:

    Hey Rachel why do care who she dates if you don’t like her, it’s a little sad, dear!

  5. smit2825 says:

    I can’t zoom in it says you have no rights to do this can someone post the picture somewhere on another site plus it wont let me register to see it what do I do to see the picture

  6. Cicero says:

    Oh, the first pic. Yeesh, half the face is covered, and the part you *can* see is covered by the glare of a window. Very hard to see what he looks like, especially if you can’t zoom in. Thanks rachel.

  7. JMAX says:

    IT’S HER MANAGER, YOU IDIOTS! Thank you for your time.

  8. bravenewgirly says:

    The unidentified man in the car with Britney was her manager Larry…lol and the other was her Bodyguard…some people need to look at the pictures closely.

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