Britney Spears Mind Is Good – But Her Heart Is Broken

filled out a questionnaire in the new issue of Twist magazine about the same time that reports surfaced of her breakup with *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. She writes “my mind is good, but my heart is broken.” She reveals that Justin was her first kiss and says the best thing about him is “he always makes me laugh.” But for the first time she hints at what drove them apart saying the worst thing about Justin is “he never has time for me.”

Quick Thinking Timberlake Cleans Wine Stained Shirt

April 25, 2002 – Shelby Loosch of the Globe reports star Justin Timberlake was having a great time at The Standard hotel bar in Los Angeles with a group of young ladies, when one of them accidentally spilled red wine down the front of his white dress shirt. Timberlake politely excused himself and got some club soda and cloth from the bartender and cleaned up the stained shirt.

Justin Timberlake Thinking About His Legacy

April 24, 2002 – Katrillion reports star Justin recently discussed his legacy in an interview saying, “For me, personally, when I look back when I’m a granddad sitting on my porch and I look back at what we did, if we touched one person and helped change their life … I think that’s what we want to do. Change the world through music. If we helped them in a tough time, if what we did touched someone and made them feel special, then that’s good enough for me and that’s one of the most rewarding things I think you can possibly have. It’s better than any Grammy or anything you can get.”

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Mind Is Good – But Her Heart Is Broken

  1. ckj says:

    it is so sad to hear that .. Justin had no time for a relationship with Britney when he can go to strip bars and be with other young women. to Britney don’t worry girl its his lost.

  2. EndIsNear says:

    That’s a fat lie, and it proves this is a promo stunt.
    I don’t know if they never were an item and they faked their relationship to be more famous, or if they’re faking the break up, but one thing is for sure, Britney’s heart is not broken, there are thousands of pics to prove this.
    I hope they will stop this sad saga.

  3. annsangel says:

    I guess Justin was just suppose to forget about Nsync and the tour and follow Britney all over Europe to promote her movies. Then all of you Justin haters would say he neglected Nsync- Well as Yoko did with the Beatles- She wanted John to spend more time with her and look what it did with the Beatles- Justin started going with his friends to clubs to have fun- At the same time Britney was in clubs with her friends- My brothers hear this same thing from their girlfriends and they can’t stop work or being with us just to spend time with their girlfriends- I’m glad they spend time with us as a family since we lost our Parents two years ago- I don’t know what I’d do if my brother didn’t spend time doing things with us Just to be with his girlfriend and I’m sure Justin loves his brothers and family as much as mine does- Britney was just a little too jealous

  4. sierradawnskye says:

    this is crap only because last year at the Challenge for the Children fundraiser Basketball game she threw a jealous hissy fit at ruined everything for the fans. About 100 people and myself who’d missed the game where waiting at the Planet Hollywood red carpet and Justin was the only one who refused to come out and wave even for Entertainment Tonight and that was weird. Well, a bodyguard told us it was because BS had just had a jealous fit upstairs and low and behold she flew out that night and when Justin told the world he loved her on the VMA’s for the whole world to here I immediately thought about that incident and that he was just trying to “Pump Her Up” as was stated by her mother in the Driven VH1 show.

    P.S. my point is that she probably threw many hissy fits which is why he always felt like he had to profess his love for the world to see. Maybe there was someone in perticular she was jealous of and he wanted to “Pump Her Up” we don’t know only they know. All I know is I was her age once and my boyfriend dumped me for being to jealous alot her age are jealous maybe her mother said that because she is insecure just because you are famous doesn’t change what you see in the mirror. Why do you think so many of them get plastic surgery.

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