Britney Spears, Moving Up On The Hate Parade

Laura Sessions Stepp of The Washington Post profiled the high level of hatred, claiming the singer “has come to epitomize the widespread belief that there’s something rotten in girl culture, something that tells girls that their bodies, not their brains, are the means to power and success, especially if they’re wrapped in skintight pants that stop just above the pubic bone.” Karen Kreutzberg, a Navy commander with an 11-year-old daughter, explained, “The old Britney was really fun. Innocence was a part of it. Her choreography was new and fresh, she was kind of an original. But in the ensuing years, she’s gotten cheap. If you’re promoting yourself only from the sexual angle, you’re missing a whole life.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears, Moving Up On The Hate Parade

  1. britfreek says:

    Whatever!!!!! People can say whatever they want to but Britney rules and that’s the end of that.’

  2. rachel says:

    While we are on the topic of useless slut can this lady please address that horrible dumb bitch Jessica Simpson. She is indeed the worst role model for young girls!

  3. Jive says:

    I like Britney Spears because she is sexual and cheap. What else is there to like, her intelligence. Same goes for Christina, Mariah, Jennifer and all of the other sluts in the business. I’m just kidding. I’m really a big fan of all of them.

  4. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    Britney’s hot! no doubt In the zone rocks! no doubt did Marilyn Monroe promote herself from the sexual angle? NO DOUBT. she’s the the biggest icon of our time because of it. but Britney’s doing a good job and we should love her for at least that!

  5. SexyGirl22 says:


  6. Jive says:

    I was just being sarcastic. I told you I’m a big fan of Britney and her album totally rocks. My favorite tracks are Toxic and Breathe on me and I know you don’t care.

  7. myhead says:

    your opinion is no more than any one’s else. She may rule for you but that does not mean she rules for all others. Some actually don’t put ANY celebrity on a pedestal

  8. Whatomat says:

    Wow an article about Britney haters,,,I mean what other pop star has haters…There are certainly no anti Christina or J.lo sites on the web….oh no.. And I guess now the popdirt haters are gonna tell us now we have to hate Brit because the sad haters in this article dislike her. Whatever!

  9. myhead says:

    OR she could be someone stating their opinion. Just because you don’t like someone does not mean you are jealous. That is pretty small thinking. I say admiring someone is fine. Worshiping them is just silly. You don’t know them.

    Every person in the world has people who like them and people who don’t. It does not make you a hater.

  10. angelM says:

    I’m 50/50 with this article. First of I think there’s nothing wrong with being sexy,All these female artists and actresses have to be sexy or else they wont have a fan base.Mandy Moore doesn’t have a lot of fans, because she covers up. So did Jessica Simpson.Britney did dress sexy from the start and that’s one thing besides her catchy songs that caught people. Christina wasn’t dressing that sexy when she first started BUT people recognized her voice.If you don’t have powerful vocals ,singers need to do something that makes them stand out from the rest or makes them interesting. So let Britney be sexy.I know she kinda over does it but hey.I don’t understand how someone can loose their voice like the article says. YA the thing that only bothers me about Britney is the fake singing.At first it was Really damn easy to figure it out she lip sync all her songs because her lips almost never matched. Some people laughed that she doesn’t even know the words to her songs! So she gotten a little better with her matching the lips.LOL.

  11. rachel says:

    no because she dumb as hell, Britney isn’t a natural blonde and she is dumb to!!!!!!’, ‘I know a lot of intelligent real blondes and Jessica is just an embarrassment to all females!

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