Britney Spears Needs To Clean Up Her Act

Contributed anonymously:

I have been a fan ever since she first appeared, but I think her behavior this summer has been very trashy and distasteful, it seems like she doesn’t care what people think of her anymore.

Ever since she cancelled her summer tour and announced her engagement, Britney has been doing a lot of trashy things. She has been photographed buying flowers at a 7-11, photographed with acne on her face, photographed wearing the same clothes all the time, and walking barefoot to many places. None of this behavior is very classy. Even though Britney is not working right now, she should still have some dignity for her fans. I’m not saying she should get dressed up just to go run errands just because she’s a celebrity, but I do not see anyone in everyday life walking the streets barefoot. Britney really needs to clean up her act and show her fans she cares.

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