Britney Spears’ New Image… What About The Music?

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

Is it just me, or when is getting ready to release a new album, the focus of all talk by her and her people is “she’s gonna shock you with her image” and “oh, she’ll shock you with the music too” seems to take a backseat… of a very LARGE car?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think one can keep the same old look year after year. If we did, we’d all still be in cute, frilly pink dresses (as girls) and whatever your mom dressed you in that day (as boys)!! But come on…lets get real here. Lets all get a clue. Does anyone find it sick that Britney feels the need to reinvent her look year after year and SHOCK us each “album era” as Ruben would call them, and only RARELY talk about the music. You almost have to drag the info about the music out of her to get her to even mention it, but the IMAGE is never forgotten.

I’m just getting sick of this “oh, she looks amazing”, “oh, she looks beautiful” mumbo jumbo that goes on between fans; notice they rarely talk about the music themselves!! Hell, even our very own elgato has said “She sucks, but she’s hot as hell”!! I guess, though, when you have no talent, and your music is absolutely DREADFUL, to say the least, and all you have are your looks, then that’s what you’re going to focus on. It’s really quite sad.

Now, I don’t necessarily LIKE Avril Lavigne, and I think her IMAGE is just as put together as Britney’s, but lets face it, that’s not what the main topic of conversation is about her….WITH her!! She talks about her music; agree with her or not, her focus IS her music (which I do feel is good pop music, far from the punk she wants it to be). EVERYONE has an image that they have made for themselves, and everyone is constantly growing or evolving or changing; however they want to put it. But the only “evolution” we’ve seen from Britney Spears is from “trampy” to “more trampy” to “damn near porn star” to “wanna be bad girl trashy tramp”…..see a pattern here? If not, I’ll gladly lay it out for you; just drop me a line! Sure, some of you will say “she just grew up”….but if you ask me, putting your clothes ON in the morning and acting like a reserved, mature adult makes you grown up, not dressing in barely there outfits and forgetting your bra day after day. That just shows your lack of maturity, self confidence, and shows how ignorant you really are. And it’s not just on stage that she does this…no no… It’s on the streets in PUBLIC that she oh so slyly lets the world know “I forgot my bra today….you can tell, because I’m very obviously cold!!”

When are people going to get past IMAGE, and start going for someone with some depth? (and if you EVEN go where you’re thinking about it with my screen name, don’t bother…’ll lose) Let’s find us someone who can focus on the music, and let image come SECOND in their career. Let’s not put this “artist” up on a pedestal that time after time says “my new image will shock you….oh, and so will the music…..but my image…!!”

With all the articles out on how her image is going to change dramatically, and all the pics of her new mane, and very little talk of what SHOULD be the focus with a RECORDING ARTIST, I’m just getting sicker and sicker of her and her people and her fans. Let’s face it people…she’s not even that pretty. When she’s not all drawn on with pencil and rouge, she looks like she’s about 30 years old…she looks like she’s lived some beaten years. It’s sad really. At 21, you should almost look your best, or be getting better with age. But that’s not the case with her. But I guess when your FAKE image is what it’s all about with you, it’s bound to happen.

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