Britney Spears: ‘Oh My God What Have I Done!’

The Mirror reports burst into tears hours after marrying, and wailed: “Oh my God what have I done!” She then fell into groom Jason Alexander’s arms, adding: “I’m so sorry. This was such a stupid idea. It’s all my fault.” After being blasted by Britney’s bodyguard Big Mo and after Spears arranged for an annulment, the couple and pals weren’t in a celebrating mood. “It was awful. This was the big comedown,” a source said. “There was a real feeling of sadness. No one was dancing. Everyone was on a downer. It was almost as if someone had died.” It got worse when Britney’s mother Lynne arrived. “That’s when the sh** really hit the fan,” the source added. “She was going crazy. She was blaming Maloof for what had happened, screaming ‘How could you encourage my child to get married?’ She was also laying into Britney and Jason, asking ‘What the hell have you guys been doing? She couldn’t believe they were still drinking. Then she and Britney ended up crying.”

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