Britney Spears On Good Terms With Mic Rockin Justin Timberlake

star won the TRL ‘Rock The Mic’ Award for his performance on the program last year in Times Square. He said in his pre-taped acceptance speech: “What ‘up that ‘up Carson? I see you, dog. Shakin’ that ass. How’s everybody doin’ I’m shocked and flattered and amazed that, uh, that you guys voted for — for my performance in Times Square because it was so special for me, as well. It was the day my album release, my album came out that week. Uhm, Times Square it doesn’t get any bigger than that and we packed it out! So everybody who came out, uh, it was a blast. Let’s do it again! Bring me back, MTV, let’s do it again! See y’all. Thank you. Thank you very much thank you very much, thank you.” Carson asked co-host how things were going between the two and if things are good. “Oh God yeah,” Britney said. “We are totally cool, we’re friends, yes.”

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