Britney Spears On The Graham Norton Show

Contributed by GymnastDude182:

YouTube has the whole episode of featured on The Graham Norton Show. They show male Britney look-alikes, play a guessing game, and Britney suggests that the wife of the governor in Maryland needs to get laid after she said she wanted to shoot Britney. Check it out here.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears On The Graham Norton Show

  1. GymnastDude182 says:

    This thing is seriously funny as hell

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Britney should get laid…maybe then she wouldn’t look and act so constipated!

  3. perfectly-imperfect says:

    her legs!! Amazing!! lmao @ the whole show, I love Britney’s sense of humor and how she just rolls with it. “Maybe she just needs to get laid”- lmao!

  4. JMAX says:

    That show was hilarious! Guys dressed as Britney, old ladies dressed as Madonna and Eminem, Britney telling the governor’s wife she needs to get laid… Graham was really funny when she talked about his suit and about still working at 40. LMAO!

  5. nellysgirl says:

    ^Britney was barely even talking. The host was so annoying and wasn’t funny at all.

  6. tazzsgirl says:

    Very fitting having men in drag.One problem nobody knew the difference or could tell them apart from the real Man beast. Girl has a tree trunk for a neck.

  7. breez says:

    Britney is brainless, as constantly displayed by her cheesy interviews.

  8. amusicfanofsoul says:

    She has man legs and needs a tan fast! lol! actually she shouldn’t have worn the suit… because she looks like a drag queen! really she does. and she is so cheesy.

  9. Cicero says:

    All in all, pretty good. But that “get laid” comment was stupid. Seriously, she’s not 17, so what’s with the childish insults? Anyway, she looked great, as usual. And handled herself nicely.

  10. jimmypee says:

    She looks so manly. ugh. her legs are chunkified. and that “she needs to get laid” comment was SO lame….shes already said the same thing about three times now. she obviously thinks its funny, or that she sounds cool saying it. she doesn’t. that’s they type of thing a 12 year old says. what a moron.

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