Britney Spears On The Phone With ‘TRL’

phoned into MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday to premiere her new video ‘Do Somethin’, which was only played on the program once, since its not being released in the U.S. Britney talked about co-directing the video, crediting herself as ‘Mona Lisa’, vague plans for a show next year — but no album this year despite her comments otherwise on KIIS FM, and she talked about her tattoos. Read on for a transcript.

Interviewer: What’s up girl?

Britney: Hey how are you?

Interviewer: Great how are you doin’?

Britney: I’m good.

Interviewer: Well listen we have you on the phone today because you
want to talk about “Do Somethin'” which is your second release off your
Greatest Hits album..

Britney: Uh-huh.. yeah…

Interviewer: .. which a lot of people might not notice but you co-directed
AND choreographed the video..

Britney: yeah..

Interviewer: ..first of all congratulations on that, so what was your
concept coming in as a co-director?

Britney: Um.. well it’s really kinda simple. You know they .. uh.. eh..
it’s about going into a club and everyone’s just kinda staring at you and
you’re like, ‘get up and do somethin’!’ You know? So just trying to get
everybody to get up and dance and stuff like that. So.. that’s basically

Interviewer: Alright.. Well now when you credited yourself in the credits…
you know instead of saying: co-directed: Britney spears, you actually credited
yourself as “Mona Lisa” ..

Britney: Yeah!

Interviewer: So why use this name instead of your name?

Britney: I dunno.. I kinda think she’s like my alter ego whenever I
feel like being mean or possibly like bustin’ people around to get stuff
right.. It’s kinda easier to be called ‘Mona Lisa’ instead of Britney.


Interviewer: Well now that’s also.. it’s also a title for a single you
recently played for us on MTV News, so..we’re wondering.. can we expect
a Britney album anytime soon?

Britney: Well.. you know what? It’s kindof.. um.. *obviously hesitating*
.. I can’t really say (an album)… but I have something going on and it’s
definitely a show.. but it’s not a tour..but uh.. it’s kinda in the works
right now… um that I’ll be doing next year. So..

Interviewer: Alright! So we all have something to look forward to!


Interviewer: Very exciting. Now Britney.. I actually got .. you know..
the perks here of being a DJ so I actually got to check out the video before
anybody else and I saw it a couple times this morning.. First of all, congratulations..
it’s HOT. You do your thing, and you all will see it guys at
home will all see it in a second! But first, I noticed a new tattoo actually,
so what is it.. cause I can’t quite make it out.. and what’s the story
behind this new one?

Britney: *Surprised* A new tattoo?

Interviewer: Did I see one on your wrist that I didn’t see for ..

Britney: OH! OH! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! I have two new tattoos so I was
wondering which one..

Interviewer: Oh okay! so the wrist one is the first..

Britney: Now yeah I have, um.. a pink dice on my wrist. Yeah.. It’s
just something me and my husband did together. He has blue dice I have
pink dice…

Interviewer: Sweet..

Britney: Like an inside thing..

Interviewer: Awesome. And you also said you had another one. You have

Britney: Yeah.. I have one on my neck too.. so..

Interviewer: Alright.. so is that a personal one? that…

Britney: It’s a.. um.. hebrew symbol for the power of healing.

Interviewer: Oh wow.. alright well thank you so much Ms. (Should be

Britney Spears! You know.. you guys.. you heard it yourself! From the
woman.. this is “Do Somethin'”.. Now Britney first of all.. God it’s crazy
in here, they’re dying to see your video. I want to thank you for calling..
but listen this is the first.. and last time we’re going to play this in
the United States.. and thank you so much for letting us do this.. this
is an awesome honor so we wanna let you take us away and introduce the
world premiere of your new video..

Britney: Cool. Well I hope you guys enjoy it! This is ‘Do Somethin”
I hope you like it.

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