Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel Concert

actually sang some songs, but she did not have to many outfits. She wore the same outfit for about three songs. The best was ‘Touch of my Hand’ she wore something similar to the diamond outfit in the ‘Toxic’ video. Most of the time she was in bra and underwear. We were sitting in the first row above the stage on the side and Britney’s brother Bryan and father Jamie were within talking distance so my friend asked Bryan for a kiss and he gave her one on the cheeks. He is cute in person. I don’t think everyone knew who Bryan is but all of sudden he was getting swarmed with autographs. I just wish I could go to the Miami concert with the special guest. I also think Britney’s concert should’ve had a cat walk, but oh well. Oh yeah, she did not have her belly ring on, I wonder if she is over it and it is out for good.

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