Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel More Like A Flophouse

Jeff Vrabel of The Chicago Sun-Times was on hand for Britney Spears’ concert at the Allstate Arena on Tuesday night (April 13). Vrabel writes, “For 90 soulless minutes, Spears and her hotel staff tried frantically to titillate and vamp, but between the identical dance sequences, the programmed chatter and the knowledge that the drag-queen clown was somewhere backstage plotting his return, they succeeded only in rendering Spears’ newest incarnation, that of a sex-starved nymphet, as impotent as possible. It’s an unbreakable pop-starlet rule that if you spend your time telling everyone how sexy you are, as she did during
‘Breathe on Me’ and the instant self-parody ‘Outrageous’, you’re probably not leaving much time to actually be sexy. Plastic and self-aware, Spears’ heavy panting lands with a bigger thud than Wile E. Coyote plummeting off a cliff, and her insistence on following those songs up with winking and giggling is a tactic that used to feel merely forced, but now feels dated. She’s 22 years old. That’s not all that innocent.”

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