Britney Spears Oops! The Ante

Gerri Hirshey of the New York Times spoke with in an interview for their Fashion of the Times issue. Spears talked about some of her favorite foods, some of the bad outfits she’s worn in the past, and the scrutiny she gets on the several anti-Britney web sites. Spears says, “People around me are like, ‘Did you hear what they wrote?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ Honestly, the biggest thing about celebrity is that you call out for judgment. You just put yourself out there. Not everybody’s going to like what you wear.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Oops! The Ante

  1. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    That stupid honeyrain babet and all the haters should stay away for this topic you make us Britney supporters pissing of uf you don’t like Britney don’t come here and shut your mouth *****es

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Wow Musicman, you sure do love taking undeserved credit, don’t you? I mean, not to be mean, but I know for a fact I posted this in before you…::rolls eyes:: Cool interview, wish it was longer though. I love her comment about the Neptunes, lol. Shows she’s finally in total control of the music she makes.

  3. Free says:

    She is so smart!! go Brit!!! ( lol I’m Britney4ever, but I lost my password and I changed my username ;)

  4. bella89 says:

    Darling, there are much more than several anti-Britney websites…

  5. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Meaning what? That there’s more than several people who have nothing better to do all day than hate and obsess on about Britney’s every move? uhh, yea.

  6. rachel says:

    ewwwww, that is gross. Its looks like porn pictures. Why do they feel the need to do things like this?

    ^ lol, sorry that comment was supposed to be for another article. yeah people do hate a alright, I feel bad for her.

  7. dyin2bfamous says:

    This is a decent interview, one of the best Britney interviews I’ve ever read. She wasn’t trying to be goofy, she took this interview serious. I did not like that Neptunes comment at all. She stuck her foot in her mouth there. This makes me really want to hear the songs she wrote, I want judge until I hear the songs for myself. They had better be good, after that comment!

  8. jimmypee says:

    this just about proves you Britney fans are morons. you that mature? she sounds like an utter idiot.

  9. hellahooked says:

    So true Britney. People who make hate sites really do have a lot on there hands and are a closet fan. Why would you spend your time, making a website about some you hate? I do like hate sites though, there hilarious and it’s funny what sad people come up with. oh and one more thing Xtina-Dirrty: If Britney did come on this site, I think she would piss her self laughing at your stupid comments.

  10. justhadtocomment says:

    Why is it that if someone makes a site about someone they don’t like they have no life but if someone makes a site about anything else, its okay. You people have no idea how easy it is to make a site, publish, and update it. Get an account at tripod and use there sitebuilder. You can have a site up and running with a good bit of content in half an hour and an update can take about 5 minutes. hellahooked, I see you around here an awful lot. You comment on almost every Britney article. Then you turn around and say to others that they must not have a life because of some site they run that they probably update once a month. You seem to be the one without a life.

  11. hellahooked says:

    Are you a complete moron? People who make hate sites obviously do have no life. Why make a site dedicated to someone you hate? Why can’t you make a site for someone you like? Is that too hard for you to understand? I know how to make a website, it’s not hard. Funny, how I haven’t been on for like nearly a month yet you see me around here an awful lot. Also, your saying I have no life, yet you see me comment an awful a lot and commenting on almost every Britney article. Looks like you have no life right? Please, think.

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