Britney Spears Open To Starring With Justin In Movie Role

Britney Spears told online reporters in a phone press conference she’s open to co-starring in a movie with her boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Britney revealed, “I would love to remake Love Story. You need chemistry to do those characters.”

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2 thoughts on “Britney Spears Open To Starring With Justin In Movie Role

  1. evaivamaria says:

    Please,can somebody stop us being bombarded continuously with these couple,Britney and Justin,what have we done wrong to our higher power to be punished with nonstop being force to read about,listen to them and look at them.

    Where are you,people,with the average artistic taste/don’t need highly developed one/ to realize how hopeless and banal artistic talent those two people have.

    I think one film for Britney to torture us with it have been more than enough.

    Do you know that “Crossroad”has been laughing stock at the first public screening in UK?

  2. joxe says:

    man, her crossroads is more worst and laughable than Mariah’s glitter. crossroads reflects a bad image of a really wild, slut and no moral girl. i think i much more prefer watching Mariah’s glitter over and over again than have a glimpse of her crossroad whatever slut movie is.

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