Britney Spears Out And About In Santa Monica

was photographed out and about in Santa Monica, California on Thursday (August 26), wearing a Harvard hooded sweatshirt and followed by a bodyguard. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears Out And About In Santa Monica

  1. blatina says:

    Thank God she cleaned up a bit. Casual and clean is better than trailer trash dirty don’t you think Britney?

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    wow Britney sans yuck kevin? that’s great. lol. anyhoo, she looks so much better dressed like that in a hoodie and jeans. she looks sooo normal for once and she looks cute. seriously, if she dressed more like that…she wouldn’t get so much damn attention in the first place.

  3. missprissoftheyear says:

    Silly ***** could only dream about going to Harvard, she didn’t finish high school. I feel sorry for Britney: what are her job prospects now that she is a washed up singer? She is dumb as a post, she’s fat and ugly so she can’t model for Playboy, she can’t sing, she can’t write music, she can’t dance, she doesn’t learn from her mistakes and she is just plain dirty and unhygienic. I don’t even think McDonalds would give her a job. Oh yes and soon she will be divorced thereby Federline will leave with half her cash.

  4. rothers27 says:

    Britney is famous for her passive aggressive attempts at revenge- the Harvard sweatshirt is a swing at republican groups that don’t want her at the republican national convention. There is a major thing going on- its on popdirt too, I think. Harvard is the school that Bush went to- he graduated with a masters in business. She is showing her support for the president without actually saying it- but the people who don’t want her to go to the national convention will get it right away.

  5. Guerilla_de_Intifada says:

    You said, “He went to Harvard,” rather than “He also went to Harvard,” thus implying a refutation of the statement above. Semantics does make a difference here. As for the Harvard sweatshirt being an intended lash at the Republicans protesting a possible appearance at the RNC, that’s quite dubious. Her mental capacity, or lack thereof, would dictate motives much less shrewd.

  6. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO her acne has NOT cleared up. her people have just caked on the makeup. the same thing they’ve done ever since she’s been out. she’s always been a pizza-face.

  7. EveryoneSucks says:

    I like the outfit, it’s something I would wear if I felt like being comfortable out and about, but SHE looks bad.

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