Britney Spears Over? No, Not Yet

Contributed anonymously:

Britney Spears’ little Vegas stunt won’t ruin her career, of course, but it has definitely hit a brick wall here. Let’s think of a little thing called exposure – a necessity for popstars. Exposure is the photos, the articles, all the things Britney fans on this site squeal about with excitement and claim she’s ruling the world. Let’s just all stop and think about it. Because if this wedding is going to be anything for her career, it’s going to be dangerous. Exposure is a good thing – OVERexposure is a bad thing. And has clearly over-stepped the mark here.

Does anybody remember Ben and J-Lo? Is there anybody here who is not sick of seeing their faces? They were badly overexposed with their wedding fiasco, and Ben has admitted he’s not getting work as a result. And let’s face it, does anybody really give two hoots about J-Lo’s music?

Britney is fast approaching this hole, and she will have dug it herself. There is minimalistic interest in her music as it is, but after this, nobody is going to care about Britney’s music at all. She’ll be a celebrity. Nothing more, nothing less.

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