Britney Spears Over? Not Likely

Contributed by Unfortunate420:

Many people think Britney’s career is hitting a brick wall and going to end faster then you can say annulment. Well what do I think? Nah. It is just taking the ups and downs the music business throws at it. I mean come on. What if you were the most watched girl in America? Wouldn’t you be under a little pressure? I feel bad for her. She gets way less credit then she deserves. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me. Cool. But I know there is a ton that do too. Okay back to the subject at hand. Let’s take a look at some things she has done or things said about her to confirm my predictions that she is still going to be going strong.

1. This month alone she is slated to be featured on more covers and will be included in more articles then has been in, in the last 8 months. And that is an estimate on the low side. That means this month she could be in more than Christina in the last year.

More reasons? Read on.

2. Not only has a musicologist backed her saying she is a musical genius but stars have backed her up in her career being “stronger then yesterday” by saying things like..”Okay..Maybe her 3rd CD didn’t go so well for her but her new one is her most deep yet.”

3. Her new CD…In The Zone…(like you didn’t know the name. My grandma has even heard of it) debuted at number 1…like her other 3 before it. Wow and Christina fans call her “Flopney.” Kind of an oxymoron huh?

4. She is featured in more news stories and on and in more magazines then anyone. Guess people are still interested in her.

5. Although she was beat by Christina on VH1’s Britney vs. Christina….she still came out looking better then Christina. How? Okay. Christina won 8 to 7….but at least 3 of the categories aren’t very flattering and the points should have gone to Britney for not winning them. Worst hair? Worst fashion style? Not a very good category to win. I would most likely agree with a lot of people and say Britney actually won.

There are a lot more reasons Britney won’t fade away. Why go into them. Britney lovers and haters everywhere already know all of them. Why go through them. Even this “marriage shock” is going to eventually end up not ruining her. All these Christina fans are like, “blah blah blah Britney is so stupid for doing it…it’s all just a publicity stunt.” It wouldn’t be a publicity stunt if you would not talk about it sooo much. You’re feeding the fire the fuel it needs. So anyways, Britney is here to stay…like Madonna was in her time and Elvis before her. Oh and Christina would fade away first…she hasn’t sold half the albums Britney has. And they have been around for about the same amount of time. Sad huh? Who is the “flop” now. Can’t wait to read the comments!! I love it when people disagree with me! It makes me want to stand up for what I believe in even more!

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