Britney Spears Owes Plenty To Janet Jackson

David Lindquist of the Indianapolis Star reviewed the Britney Spears stop at Conseco Fieldhouse on Friday. Lindquist writes, “As Spears’ career progresses, it’s increasingly evident that she owes plenty to Janet Jackson. From the friction between kid’s play and Rated-R actions to making the most of a mediocre voice, Janet was there first.”

Janet Jackson Receives 2002 Governors Award

June 21, 2002 – Janet Jackson received the 2002 Governors Award presented by the Recording Academy’s Los Angeles Chapter at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday, June 20, in Beverly Hills.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Owes Plenty To Janet Jackson

  1. gwen says:

    Janet will always be the first and the best. The only difference between Janet and Britney, Janet does actually sing live and dance at the same time. Britney on the other hand, lip-synch entirely too much. I don’t care too much for her voice. There are other female pop singer that are more talented, beautiful, and way better than Britney. I personally feel that she will eventually fade out.

  2. YourMom says:

    Damn Straight! Now Janet doesn’t sing live ALL the time. She does lip some, but compared to Brit..well, there isn’t much of a comparison. (No one’s as notorious as Brit except Milli Vanilli, lol) Artists need to start giving props to the artists that they rip off. Britney isn’t groundbreaking, she’s recycling.

  3. Akinyi says:

    Isn’t that the truth ? !!!!!!

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