Britney Spears Packing On Pounds After Justin Timberlake Breakup

Star magazine has photos of Britney Spears from her concert in Vancouver on May 28th that show the singer displaying a bit of a spare tire hanging out of her skimpy costume. Pals say Spears has been packing on the pounds because she’s depressed over her breakup with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake as well as trouble in her parent’s marriage. A pal revealed, “A few weeks ago she went home to her big new house in Louisiana. Before she left L.A., she told me: ‘I can’t wait to get home, get my sweats on and hit the sofa. When I was around Justin, I was never hungry, because he kept me so happy. Now everything’s changed. All I want to do is sleep and eat.”

Not only has Britney been eating a lot, but her long nights of boozing have also contributed to her weight gain. “She’s partial to calorie-packed alcoholic drinks like Cosmopolitans,” a pal said.

Others hope Britney will be able to get over her weight problems after she bought a $3.5 million apartment in New York where she can hang out with her brother. “This is a good move for her as she tries to overcome her heartbreak, get back in shape and get on with her life,” said a source.

Justin Timberlake At Spa With Britney Look-Alike

June 27, 2002 – Dees Sleaze reports *NSYNC star Justin was spotted with a Britney Spears look-alike two nights ago at Spa in New York. Gawkers were straining to look if it was really Britney, but after one got a close look, realized it wasn’t her.

Justin Timberlake Leads Hair Dyeing Trend For Men

June 26, 2002 – Jennifer D’Angelo of Fox News reports following the lead of stars like Brad Pitt, Mark McGrath and Justin, guys are beginning to color their hair. “When guys started coloring their hair a few years ago, their only options were to go to a salon, which was very expensive, or buy women’s products in the women’s aisle at the drug store, which they were uncomfortable doing,” said Michael Wendroff, vice president for hair color marketing at Just for Men’s parent company, Combe. “Maxim is a guy’s brand, a brand that guys can really relate to and feel comfortable buying.” Read more.

Dirty Justin Timberlake Is A Cool Dude

June 25, 2002 – Nelly recently spoke with Latoya Hunter about his ‘Nellyville’ collaboration with Justin on the track ‘Work It’. “Dirty is a cool dude,” Nelly said of Justin. “I had been meeting dirty and (the rest of *NSYNC) around award shows and different s— like that, (so when it came time to record the song) it wasn’t like Nelly and Justin, it was like Cornell and Justin.”

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears Packing On Pounds After Justin Timberlake Breakup

  1. jimmyp says:

    I actually bought it.. She did look a little chubby in the pics but she didn’t look like that at NYLA opening.. We’ll see tomorrow on the 4th of July special on ABC since she’s performing with Pharrell of the Neptunes from a taped performance in Buffalo. Its Boys, so her stomach will be showing.

  2. guccimama says:

    I’ve seen pictures of her concert in Vancouver too…and she is NOT fat! About once a month a girl gets a bigger tummy, maybe that would be it? Duh. And she is constantly on the move especially now with the tour…a girl of 20 with the amount of calories she uses can lie in her sofa (if she has time?) for days eating Ben and Jerry´s ice cream and not gain weight!
    And a real pal of Brit would never tell stories like that to Star Magazine! or to any member of the press anyway! Lame story man!

  3. FUNKALiSTiC says:

    I think she looks beautiful. everyone’s weight fluctuates a bit from week to week, so she might look a tad bit “bigger” at a certain point in time but its nothing excessive, and she still looks awesome

  4. alwaysbsb says:

    What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know that the majority of Americans are obese? If you think Britney is a “fat cow” then you have something seriously wrong with you. It’s because of people like you that others get eating disorders.

  5. BlackNBlueBaby says:

    They make her sound like shes 200 pounds!!

    GOD! Britney is a freaking lightweight (I believe she wears size 1-4) she is thinner than the average female girl in North America (average would be a 6-10 size)

    These reporters clunk out a story on Britney EVERY single day. Her section on this site is the largest section because of reporters like these.

    Also if she is so damn depressed and so is Justin (reportedly) why the f*ck did they split up anyway…… really now!!! GOD This is getting more and more annoying.

    Yes, they broke up god.

    Next thing you’ll see some LIE in a tabloid that shes on drugs and drinking to battle her feelings about Justin or maybe they’d even go as far to say shes suicidal.

  6. eric69 says:

    You people act like this is new! Britney has always been chubby and very unattractive physically. I mean she has big Football player arms big cabs’ her legs look like there guys legs, she is just big boned cause she does work out a lot! The only thing that is good about her is her face she has a cute face she only looks good when she wears tight pants and little tops that show her tight belly!

  7. mellowyellow says:

    Let’s not forget that the camera adds ten pounds….It goes against everything I believe in to defend Britney Spears but, criticizing someone’s weight is way below my standards. I think there is way too much pressure on celebrities to be thin and I hope she doesn’t develop an eating disorder because of idiot tabloids like this one. Besides, that girl could use a few extra pounds on her. Then maybe her fans won’t kill themselves trying to look like her. I wish more celebrities looked like Kelly Osbourne!

  8. Shazam85 says:

    Okay is anyone else tired of reading stupid tabloid stories on Britney/Justin or any other artist? Or is it just me. Britney is human and she can gain all the weight she wants. That doesn’t change who she is and how she sings. She is and always has been a small girl. And if she is gaining weight it’s more than likely not over Justin or her family. The media just wants a story so they pick on celebrities. If that were anyone else no one would ever know about it(through the media anyway). Celebrities are human and they need their privacy just like everyone else. Whats the big deal with a little weight gain?! And as for the boob job stories, that is also ridiculous! She is a girl which means boobs do grow and I really don’t think its anyone business. That just another thing that no one would know about if she wasn’t a celeb. Sorry if I sound rude. I’m not trying to be.

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