Britney Spears Parks 500SL In Disabled Parking Slot

raised eyebrows after parking her Mercedes 500SL in a disabled only parking place at the W I Simonson Mercedes Benz dealer in Santa Monica, California on Thursday (December 18). Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Parks 500SL In Disabled Parking Slot

  1. Jive says:

    Maybe she doesn’t know what disable mean.

  2. rangergirl says:

    In Santa Monica, the parking spaces are usually CLEARLY marked with a wheelchair or sign. I guess when your a celebrity it doesn’t matter. They will park whenever and where ever they want. If there is a fine so what they have the money. They just don’t give a damn!

  3. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Wait…you mean laws still DO apply to popstars?! Who woulda thunk it?

  4. jimmypee says:

    come on guys…dont you ever listen to her fans? she’s a good, nice girl! she wouldn’t break the law like that, and show such disrespect to disabled people! therefore, we must assume that she is in fact disabled. I say; mentally disabled.

  5. Xandrew88 says:

    The only eyebrows this stupid article raised was Jimmypees. And that’s because he penciled them in that way. LMAO!!

  6. angelM says:

    I think she’s just trying to be rebellious, or anything to get people to start talking, because I don’t think she’s that dumb…right?

  7. Xandrew88 says:

    Only two types of people actually like Christina Aguilera. The deaf, so they don’t have to hear her howling horrible singing And the blind, so they don’t know how ugly she really is. So which one are you rangergirl and Jimmypee?

    You wanna know what’s so funny? Britney parks in teh wrong spot and it amkes nation wide news. yet Christina kisses a girl on stage twice and no body cares. Ummm…Christina who?

  8. JMAX says:

    LOL! I’ve done that a few times. :D I wonder if she got a parking ticket.

  9. tazzsgirl says:

    What is the big deal. If people were shot every time they parked in a handicapped space, most people with licenses would be dead. The only difference is Britney has paparazzi following her every move. And to certain sad ass Christina fans trying to argue that this mess proves she is some kind of evil person and justify their hate……..GET A FU**ING CLUE. Jesus if it was anyone else you wouldn’t give a sh**.

  10. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    She looks depressed and sad maybe because she knows her album is flopping in every part of the world and her first single didn’t even reach the top 40. Just go the f**k away, you f**ked up stupid slut

  11. jimmypee says:

    LOL this is popdirt. not nationwide news. you better HOPE it doesn’t make it to there’, ‘whats funny is you Britney fans thinking Britney “got one over” Christina because of kissing another woman on stage. do you realize how *****ing stupid and pathetic that is? ….no of course you don’t. you think that’s more important than winning Grammys don’t you? ysee that’s why Britney, and you guys, are big ass jokes to everyone else.

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