Britney Spears’ Partying Getting Out Of Control

Globe magazine reports that pals of are worried the singer is partying out of control and is on the brink of collapse. “Britney doesn’t know when to stop,” a pal said. “She gets out of control with her partying. I’ve seen her near the breaking point many times. So many people around her, including me, have warned her to put the brakes on.” Another source who has known Spears since childhood added, “Britney’s fooling herself. She may try to act like she’s got it together, but inside, she’s a mess. And if she doesn’t start taking care of herself, she’s going to end up in such trouble physically and emotionally, it’ll be hard for her to recover.”

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Partying Getting Out Of Control

  1. Fausto-A says:

    WOW THE GLOBE MAGAZINE :::::WHAT A GREAT RELIABLE source… damn second rate wanna be Enquirer! This is extra crappy bull crap!

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    And we should give her sympathy when she’s crying on interviews and saying that her life is miserable? Yeah, right, slut. Clubbing all night, screwing every man, drugs till morning makes your life miserable and boring. God, she’s so fake. I knew it when she cried last Thursday it was fake, faker than her tits.

  3. tazzsgirl says:

    I am new to popdirt and made my mark on some issues but now its time to call out one of its members that jerk off Fausto I have been reading what you have writing first you make racist remarks about Koreans then you use the N word what is your malfunction??? are you mentally challenged because your parents are brother and sister you live near waste site your first cousin wont let you screw him when you were a baby your mother bitch slaps you around with a club or is it because your tired and cranky. It’s all good be racist as you want because in 2 years after your trial your prison cellmates will be black and Korean and will kick your ass as their own personnel theme park you dumbass trailer park redneck now I know why you defend the she-male spears because white trash loves white trash.

  4. rangergirl says:

    Dear Brit: I know you look at Madonna as a role model BUT I will said this before and will say it again. Madonna has a very BAD reputation in Hollywood for using people to gain some attention. Please, Please, I beg you to put your relationship in prospective. She is lusting after you because you are the popular cute girl of the moment and she is bisexual…ok. Do whatever you want but whatever MADDIE wants MADDIE usually gets-especially when it come to the media. SHE COULD EASILY PUNK YOU AS SHE DID YOUR EX-MOUSEKETEER FRIEND,CHRISTINA(I.E. AT THE VMA’S). Madonna wanted to PUNK J-Lo (not exactly a close friend but popular) into the VMA performance BUT J-LO had a moment of sense and backed out of it. So proceed with caution, Brit. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    I think this article is really about Xtina. She is on the verge of another breakdown. They probably just put Britney’s name on this though, that way it can sell.

  6. tazzsgirl says:

    This is the globe do I need to say more but if this was true it would make sense she knows its a matter of time when her untalented ass starts her new career in entertainment of lab dances and videos that include farm animals.

  7. Cicero says:

    That’s not true. It’s not like people are carrying her unconscious, drunk body out of clubs, like with so many other celebrities. Britney’s fine.

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