Britney Spears Phones Into TRL

Britney Spears phoned in to MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to plug her new book/DVD ‘Stages’. Britney also talked about working on her forthcoming album and she didn’t have much to say about former boyfriend Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC and his new video ‘Cry Me A River’. She didn’t think the woman in the video was a look-a-like and said “boys will be boys”. Read on for a rough transcript.

Quddus: A good day. Everybody withops of britney’s new book right
now she joins us on the phone. What up.

Britney: Hey.

Quddus: How are you doin’.

Britney: Good and you


Quddus: Thanks for calling in.

Britney: Thanks havin’ me.

Quddus: Happy belated birthday you had your 21st a while ago.

Britney: Yup

[Cheering] []

Britney: Thank you so much that was sweet.

Quddus: What was the highlight for you.

Britney: Honestly i went out with all my girlfriends from home and to
an L.S.U. Ballgame and it was cool.

Quddus: Hang out a the club later.

Britney: A little, not too much.

Quddus: No dancin’ on tables.  []

Britney: No.

Quddus: I heard recently you are back in the studio recording is that

Britney: Yeah, yeah, we are

[Inaudible] Right now.

Quddus: ‘Cool so the baby-stages of the whole process.

Britney: Right now we are doin’ a check kinda like james brown funk
nasty, i don’t know havin’ fun with it right now.

Quddus: Who are you workin’ with.

Britney: Right now rodney jerkins

Quddus: Cool. He worked with brandy for those of you who don’t know.

Britney: Oh, yeah


Quddus: You actually hooked up the whole audience with your new book

Britney: Uh-huh  []


Quddus: What do you reveal anything we already won’t know about you.

Britney: Honestly i think the book is interesting because it reveals
me in different, uhm ways like with me being just, you know, this big sister
and you know the neice and friend, a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff actually
a dvd goes with it


Quddus: What’s on that?

Britney: Actually me traveling with the dancers all the behind the stage
stuff that goes on you know goofin’ off and crazy stuff, so ….

Quddus: All right. Cool. Cool all the audience has it and for those
you who are interested it will be out in stores now i gots to ask you about
justin’s new video “cry me a river”.

Britney: Oh, god.

Quddus: It’s prey obvious it is supposed to be you up in the video.

Britney: Uhh the last time i looked in the mirror, i didn’t think i
really looked like her, so.

Quddus:It’s pretty obvious — you know a look- alike they thought it
would make a point.

Britney: You know boys will be boys, so … [crowd simultaneouy] Ohhh

Quddus: Do you want to elaborate on that at all? []

Britney: Just that, you know boys will be boys and what can you do,

Quddus: All right cool. Britney thanks for callin’ in

Britney: Thank you have a good day.

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