Britney Spears Phones Into ‘TRL’

phoned into ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday from New York on break from her tour despite having a sore sounding throat to premiere her new video ‘Everytime’. Britney talked about her Onyx Hotel tour, the TRL Awards, and the concept behind the new video. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: Always great to have this lady on the show. The lovely and talented
Britney Spears son if phone. What’s up, britney?

Britney: Excuse me voice right now. I’m a little sick.

TRL: That’s what i call it too. Me too. I was out last night having
a good time. Where are you? In L.A.?

Britney: No, I’m in new york right now.

TRL: I didn’t know that. Okay. Okay. I thought you were on tour. I saw
the showtime show, and it was excellent.

Britney: Thank you.

TRL: That’s — you hurt your knee and then, you know, you mentioned
you’re sick now and you had to cancel some shows.

Britney: Yeah. I have a bad virus and now my voice has decided to completely
go out on me. So I don’t know what the deal is. Hopefully when I get overseas
everything will brighten U.

TRL: Not good for business there. We enjoyed you stopping by last year
during the blizzard. You’re nominated for two, including the “roc the mic”
award, the first lady award.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Britney: I’m excited.

TRL: Thinking back last year “trl’s” award, did you have a favorite

Britney: Um, just you guys and the fans being there. That was really

TRL: It was great. We really do want to thank you because — I think
there was four feet of snow outside. The worst storm since the civil war.
That was a statistical fact.

Britney: Anything for you guys.

TRL: We appreciated it. We’re about to premiere the new video for “everytime.”
What was the inspiration behind this whole thing?

Britney: Well, really, it was was — it was one of the first slow songs
that i had written. The inspiration was just to have like a beautiful,
you know, a sweet love song. But the inspiration behind the video was because
the song is like so very like a music box, i wanted the video to be like
a contrast and to be kind of dark. So the video is very dark and it it
— it’s more instead of me being very performancey and being pretty this
is more like a movie. It tells a story. So, yeah, it’s really different
from anything I have ever really done. David lachapelle he did the video.
He is great.

TRL: He is great.

Britney: And it shows me in a different light.

TRL: Was that a way of keeping yourself interested in videos?

TRL: After a while, I mean, of course, I’m going to, you know, go back
and do tons of dance videos but i think it was time for me to try something
different. Of course, you can — you know, be inspire and challenged each

TRL: All right. Drink some tea. A little bit of lemon for the throat.
We want you shipshape, back on the road and stuff.

Britney: I’ll try.

TRL: You want to world premiere year video here?

Britney: Yeah, everybody, this is my new video, “everytime.” I hope
you like it.

TRL: Thank you, britney.

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